Green – Love Infinity

If you soul is very green, it’s the colour of love and the colour of a healer. Why? Because love is the most powerful of healing tools and very green souled people are very loving.  To the extreme if the other colours of their soul/chakra colours are not as bright they may be giving of their love to their own detriment. Such as people who let themselves be used and abused by the ones they love – because they love them so much and so unconditionally. But it is never healthy to love someone more than they respect you, even if they are your children.  Love has to be a cycle of giving and receiving, and so it is with the green light (the heart chakra,) that the only way for it to stay healthy is for it to be a constantly flowing energy. All life knows this cycle the four seasons of change, and relationships are like this some love (growth) doesn’t survive the winter, but the beauty of the spring and summer is not less without it. Love grows continuously and always wins, even around parts that do not and parts that are pruned or harvested.

Another interesting thing to note is that magenta is also a heart chakra colour. And I’m not sure what the difference is, it just seems that magenta is the next level of love all are green but there are varying levels of magenta mixed in – it’s stronger and deeper and I’ll see magenta more often if I’m looking at relationships – such as one between a mother  or father and his or her child vs. an aunt or uncle and their neice or nephew. There may sometimes be a stronger bond between a parent. Don’t disvalue – green love bonds they are just as deep – and some parents never reach magenta levels either. It’s simply an observation that I know without a doubt that the bond between those those two people is one where one is willing to die for the other. It’s very, very deep and strong and may not always be reciprocated.

How do you look at a relationship bond did you ask? Well I’ll tell you regardless. In my minds eye, I’ll pull forward both souls. I’ll note their overall colour then ask to see the bond that is their relationship. I’ll take what I’m shown and read it using each of the chakra colors to see where the strengths are in the relationship what colours are brightest? It is mainly a physical one? ->Red or Orange? Is it an emotional one full of lots of ups and downs?->Yellow  Is it full of love? -> Green. Is it one where one is so deeply connected at a heart level they would die for one another? ->Magenta or green with lots of magenta Perhaps it is a very steamy relationship with lots of passion and love. -> Orange and Green.  There are many variation and if you think one fits always ask your angels or guides for a confirmation. I wouldn’t place any of these descriptions on the relationship without double checking. Alway try and use two tools to read another person or a relationship. I use Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. (Did I spell that right? I apologize if I didn’t.) But when you’re new to reading other’s its easy to make a mistake or misread. I laugh because most of what I do is playing charades with angels, spirits and guides. Try to tell that to someone without getting a ‘your crazy’ look from anyone outside of spiritual circles! ha ha. Clairsentience is just how I physically receive yes answers from my personal guides. They can vary from guide to guide and angel to angel but the same touch is consistent from one. Archangel Michael likes to touch my heart, Archangel Uriel likes to touch my right arm and he brushes the backs of my hands as I type things he likes.  

Your green chakra is located at the centre of your chest where your heart is. I see and feel things here, I can often feel someones heartache if they’ve just had their heart broken or lost someone. I can feel heart attacks from a spirit who passed that way. I can feel surges of love. Green is a very responsive and active colour to work with, it’s definately one of my favourits to work with.

Green Meditation Love Infinity

If you haven’t already please do the previous meditations or ones of your own for red, orange and yellow. This meditation is meant to be part of a progressive meditation for all seven of the main chakra/soul colours. Thank you for your understanding. We hope to achieve balanced chakra at the end and it is never good to work on one to the exclusion of all the rest.

Take the time to get comfortable. Get yourself a glass of water and get settled in a wonderful and warm environment. Green is the fourth chakra and falls right in the middle of all seven. It’s a balancing one between the physical and the spiritual side of yourself. The green can receive positive energy from both directions, down to the core of Mother Earth and up to the Heaven from Sister Sun and Brother Moon. This is what we are going to do tonight. First start to breathe in and out and let your breathe come to an even and steady rhythm.

Shake all the tension out of your body from head to toe.

With your mind I want you to place a seed of brilliant emerald green light at the centre of your chest. Breathe in and out and feel it grow. Allow it to expand outwards in all directions and as it does it pushes out all things negatively affecting your heart. Its light is filling in any holes that need to be filled and healing them.

Breathe in and Out and let the bubble of green light fill your whole body and out to fill the whole room. You can grow this bubble up and out to include your loved ones and friends, it can wrap around the whole world if you wish and this is why.

I want you to imagine a second seed at the centre of your hear and I want you to grow it to the size that would fit in the palm of your hand and i want you to take a few minutes to let the light become stronger, so strong that it turns magenta. I want you to put all the love you have and are grateful for into this ball. You’re not giving it away, that is impossible, but we are going to set it in motion.

First send it down. Send it deep into the bowels of Mother Earth. To her hot churning core and thank her for all that she has given you. She will send it back to you and you will hold it again in your heart for a few moment.

When you are ready again I want you to send the ball of love up into the skies to touch the loving energy of the sun or the moon. Again the ball will be sent back to you. But each time you receive the love you gave, it has grown a little, perhaps brighter or a little bigger in size. Did you notice something?

Look at the number 8. This is the infinity sign and this is the path your love follows with your heart as a centre. You can send your love in the the direction we just sent it to recharge your heart and to heal it with the help and love of all the world and universe that supports you. It can flow always and never be apart from you. It can travel in a figure 8.

To heal, if you need to heal issues of your heart I want to you take the ball and this time send it behind you and let your love and gratitued flow through all things in your past. You have the power to heal all of these things. Then send it on the other side of that loop to your future so that you will always be mindful of the most loving paths to follow. For yourself and for others. The centre is always you, here in the present.

Experiment with this ball of love for a while. It never leaves, it is always a part of you. Love weaves in and out of your past, present and future. It is part of the earth and the sky. You’re love is something transcends all things.

When you feel you are fully charged and have brightened your entire green as bright as it is possible at the present time, grow a seed of white light from the inside out and around you. Set your intentions for this light to protect you and all your light as you heal. Ask that it only allow positive and loving energies to flow freely through to you and outwards to all.

Many blessings to you all. I wish you all much love!




Yellow is the colour of the day. It is the colour of sunshine and joyful things and this makes perfect sense for the yellow part of your soul (solar plexus chakra.) When you think of your yellow think of sunshine and the bright and cheerful flowers like Daffodils, Buttercups, and daisies. A bright and sunny yellow is a balance in you or the person you’re reading – but yellow also connects to the part of you body where emotions manifest. Every feel sick to your stomach over something? Anxiety, stress, manifests in your yellow. I often see yellow as an ocean and if it’s heaving I know that this soul is out of balance an it’s making them physically ill. I can see the black wavy lines that are cramps or just a plain old sore stomach. When you’re excited but nervous, you feel the butterflies in your yellow. Yellow tends to be stronger in very emotionally strong people – every meet someone who wears their heart on their sleeve? The person who get excited like no one else but also gets upset, their emotions at times are like a rollercoaster. They feel things very deeply and have to be sure all their chakra are in balance so they don’t over-react.


For the purpose of this meditation I will assume you have been doing each meditation in order. If you haven’t done them already, please do a meditation with your red and orange before proceeding with this one. (see the two previous blogs.)

Get in a comforatble position and start to breathe in and out. let your worries fall away and shake out each body part starting at your feet, up your legs, thighs, hips, butt, torso, fingers wrists, arms and shoulders and neck. Breathe in and out and let your worries fall away.

Now I want you to imagine that it is a beautiful sunny day, you are sitting in a field of beautiful flowers. You can smell their sweetness mixed with the scent of the earth and the grass. Breathe in and out let yourself sink into peace.

As you sit or lie in the field I want you to feel the warmth of th sunlight shining down you can feel the yellow light warm your skin and I want you to allow it to fall upon you like drops of rain. It’s warm and it’s soak right through you, right through your body. Each drop wraps around any dust that has settled on your yellow, the beautiful yellow sunshine fills in any places where your soul needs more yellow light.

The excess rain of sunshine runs in rivers down your body and onto the ground carrying all the negativity, dust, pain, stress and anything that needs to be healed with it. It is absorbed but the Earth who is happy to help transmute all this energy into new growth around you.

Sit there until you feel a warm glow in the centre of your stomach. You’re entire being from head to toe is going to be glowing the way sunshine glows. You are going to feel absolutely wonderful and refreshed. You have full control over you emotions always and you will work the release the negative ones and focus on the ones that make you been exhilirated and joyful to be alive.

When you feel like you are radiating as bright as the beautiful sun I want you to take a seed of white light and place it at the centre of your soul and grow it out and around yourself protecting your light and holding it in.  Protecting your joy and only permitting joyful energy to penetrate to you.

Take a deep breathe and enjoy and appreciate this field. Send gratitude to the Earth, to the Sun and to all the plants in the field. When you are ready open your eyes and enjoy the rest of your day with the wonderful glow that others will surely notice.


Orange is the colour of passion and traditionally called the Sacral Chakra. It’s where you look for a healthy sexuality and where you may see problems in both men and women that pertain to those female/male reproductive parts. Where people associate their passion with a lot of love I often see a lot of green (heart chakra colour) I think it’s important to mention that when I see a chakra colour I differ in how I see it from other people who read chakra specifically (I read soul) Where others might see a specific wheel of energy located just below the belly button. I only feel it’s location but I see the colour as a part of the whole soul. I only see it as a separate colour because I have intended and requested to see it for the purposes of doing my readings or figuring out where stuff is. My mind’s eye uses the colour coding to keep what I’m seeing organized as well as keeping what I see consistent.

You don’t have to see any chakra or colour the same way as others see them. You need to work out a way of doing readings and balancing out your full body, spirit and soul that resonates with you in a positive way and I found that following the basic structure of chakra helped me to decode what I was seeing and yes, it happens to relate pretty close to the usual definitions you can search online. It just makes it easier for others to understand what I see too because if they have studied chakra in any way they will have a basic grasp of it already.

Now, back to orange — I very rarely see orange anywhere else in the soul. Orange is often stronger in a male oriented soul than a female soul because men tend to be a little more sexual in nature and woman a little more emotional (I’ll be talking about yellow tomorrow.) But certainly there are exceptions where there is little difference between the orange and the next colour (yellow) which is really what I love to see. Someone who is equally sexually happy and healthy AND emotionally healthy and happy.

Meditation for Orange

If you haven’t already done it, please go back and do the meditaiton for red before you begin to work on other colours. It is not advised to ever work on one colour to the exclusion of all others, We want to achieve balance and so we need to work the colours as a whole which we will be building up to all of them in one meditation but I’m going to assume that each person is doing these meditations in sequence in seven consecutive days.

Take a deep breath and get comfortable. A glass of water is always nice to have nearby and if need to at any point, such as when you feel distracted take a sip. Water has a lot of cleansing and calming qualities.

Close your eyes and sit quietly for a while and breathe away all the stress from your body. Shake out any parts that are tense and relax and begin to imagine a tiny seed of brilliant orange light at the centre of your being.

Orange is your passion for all things, life, love and sensuality. It’s all part of being a healthy and whole soul.  As you continue to breathe start to breathe  a steady stream of orange light into the seed and allow it to grow and grow.

As it grows it pushes all negativity out which is then burnt and blows away – back to source.

The orange seed should begin to gently turn in a clockwise direction. Breathe in and out and let it turn and keep filling it with with each breath. You don’t have to know where the light is coming from. It comes and is gathered for you by the angels and guides, from sunlight and moonlight and Earth energy. It is positive and uplifting and you may feel your entire being getting warmer.

An orange soul doesn’t look at the things they love to do regretfully, orange is about fully committing to what brings you the most joy, happiness and peace. Orange is about connecting with others as well and trust in both yourself and others. Having a strong orange can feel risky but think of exhiliration and abandoned inhibitions of what’s proper. Instead, orange is about primal desires in all parts of your life. Are you using your passion in your love life, your career, your schooling, your hobbies? Are you doing what you are passionate about? Take a moment to reset you intentions and desires for this lifetime as you meditate with orange. Orange is about you having enough ego to speak up about what you want and the courage to go ahead and ask for it.

With love as a guide ask for what you want now, either outloud or in your mind. Ask for guidance and assistance to achieve balance in your orange.  Achieve your greatest potential for the greatest love and joy in this lifetime.

Let the orange turn and if you see any dark or empty parts place another seed at the centre and grow it outwards again and again until you feel your orange is as bright as a glowing ember warming your soul from the inside out.

Then place a seed of white light and grow it around you and the orange and set the intention to seal in and protect this light.

The meditation is complete. Breathe and repeat the cleansing and brightening steps until you feel refreshed and calm. The healing and activation of chakra can sometimes cause any old unhealed issues in those areas to resurface over the next few days.  If this happens be gentle with yourself and with others, let yourself cry, vent, heal and take action in some meaningful and loving way (talk to someone, journal etc.) to reclaim your power to be joyful, peaceful and happy in every way.

Have a lovely day!




It’s so important to ground. Red or the Root Chakra is the place to start this. It is the core of all that you do spiritually. Red is a very physical colour. It’s as important as the blood in your veins. Red. Red is an energy centre located at the base of your spine. It has roots that extend downward the centre of the Earth and you draw in Earth energy through this colour. It’s a quiet and deep power, and also very ancient. When I look at soul and I see someone who is very red I know I am looking at someone who knows their place in this physical world. They are strong and deeply rooted themselves.

On the negative side this may mean that they are closed to all things outside of themselves. They have a very narrow perspective so are often less open to spiritual things or things outside of their comfort zones. They resist change and love the stability of predictability. You need red at different times, for instance if I were to look at a relationship bond – I would want to see a strong and bright red that would show a deep commitment and sureness of purpose with each other. 

When I look at people I can direct my psychic lenses to see different things. I can look at you at a whole. I can look at you and your relationship with a parent and a sibling and each blend of colours that I would see would be different as I pass through a lense of the full spectrum of the rainbow. If you want a soul reading from me, I do readings for $5 at the price is far less than the actual workI put into it, but I haven’t moved towards having a site of my own and I’m not reading as a part of any psychic sites – I simply want to help anywhere and anyone I can. And I feel the right people will be drawn to me wherever i am. (My username is divinestarlight)

Meditation for Red:

Take a deep breathe and get comfortable. So may people worry about lotus positions and all kinds of ritual based procedures to meditate properly – but intention is most important. There are safer ways to connect and meditate spiritually but no wrong ways to go about it as long as you use light, love and positive energy as your guide. Your intention carries out your desires while meditating that is why intention is so important – more important than following someone elses script, even mine.

As you are settling I want you to imagine red as a tiny seed at the centre of your being.

Breathe in and out until you feel, see or sense this seed of pure red light. It feels warm and comforting.  Allow yourself to relax and let the waves of calmness settle over you with each breath. Shake out each limb and body part until you are fully relaxed. This meditaion should take as long as you need.

The seed of red light starts to sparkle and you can feel it start to turn slowly in a clockwise direction.

With each breath I want you to breathe more red light into the seed. It will sparkle and crackle in a warm and relaxing way. and as it grows it will push out all negative energy from your entire body and soul. As darkness of any type touches the edges it will be burnt up or will move back and permanently out of you – body and soul – all of your being.

Keep breathing and let the red light grow bigger and more full. Let the seed grow until it is as big as the room or space that you’re in and you are inside. allow it to filter through those you love and anyone you love in the same way. Light will never harm.

I want you to reach down to the floor or the ground with your hand or your feet and feel the secure firmness of the Earth that supports you. 

I want you to think about how grateful you are to the Earth for the support for the physical presence that supports your life, your feet a place to walk on this Earth. I want you to gather a ball of love and gratitude and hold it inside of you and send the ball of love and gratitude to the Earth, rooted in the red light.

I want you to send down roots and as you breathe I want you to feel the love and gratitude return to you. The colour red and the Earth that grounds us, wants nothing more than to support us and the Earth is so grateful to be acknowledged that any gift of love and gratitude will be returned tenfold or more.  

Red is a ball of power and light that you carry with you always. Use your other senses to determin if you qualities you reflect through your own red are positive and helpful to your life. Allow the red light to heal the areas you wish to heal and allow the healing power of the light you have called forth the help you to free your red light to it’s brightest and most loving potential. A clear and bright red brings forth the most positive aspects of red at your Root Chakra. The more often you meditate with red light the less of a difference you will see between your own red light and the pure and bright light you bring in. A perfectly balanced red chakra will be brilliant from beginning to finish in this meditation. 

Set the intention to ground yourself in the things most important that will bring you the greatest sense of joy, love and peace. Ask for help from angels and guides and God to release anything that needs to be released and help you with any changes that need to happen. Set your intentions with love and light and seal your entire being with another protective bubble of white light that will protect you as you work with the energy of the red light.

The red light may make you feel dizzy, take the time you need to readjust. When we first active chakra and the colours of our body and soul sometimes it’s a lot like cracking the shell of an egg and our bodies need time to adjust to new energy.  Repeat the meditation each day alone or as part of all your chakra meditations until you feel it is clear and bright and try not to move onto other chakra in exclusion of the others. Red is for today and you should work towards doing them all in succession every time you meditate. We will work up to and add the next colour as the week goes on.

Your red chakra is now clear and grounded and you are shielded with white light.

Enjoy the rest of your day and come back tomorrow to work on the orange chakra.


Chakra- My next challenge are definitions and meditations

I never really found a book or page that fully outlined what the chakra are or if they were very through, their definition differed from my own. Because I learned almost all of my spiritual knowledge intuitively I took the basics and as I activate each chakra I can feel it’s position, see it’s colour and it’s relationship to each of the others. That will be my goal this week, to out line the first seven chakra in detail as I know them. It has been very accurate for me when I do readings and such and it may work for you or a variation of the scholarly definition and mine might be helpful. It’s part of my path to simplify spirituality. I really want to take it away from all the book writers and their jargon and make it accessible to someone as new to it as a child. I’m going to work on a series of seven different meditations to activate each colour and my own definitions. This should bring me all the way to next sunday. I would love to hear your experience with each chakra and how you percieve them. Feel free to join in.


I AM Wrap up – Fickle, Kind, Loving, Human, Passionate

As a wrap up to the 30 Day Challenge – 3 days late, I might add, I wonder about why I was so gung-ho about the whole project but fizzled out before I’d fully finished the project. It must be a reflection on me and the bad habits I have.

I am fickle. This is on of the most hurtful labels for me. And it was a best friend who told me this long ago. When I was dating a lot and not committing to any of them. I’d get their hopes up and three dates in I knew I didn’t want to be with them. It was a matter of me being a wonderful person and people fell in love with me fast. But I knew that when I committed, it was going to be the real deal. I NEVER entered into a commitment if I didn’t think it was going to be the real deal. The one that lasted. And by three dates, I knew. So, she called me fickle.  I had to experience the relationship long enough to make up my mind. So, I crushed a lot of hearts, but often too, because I didn’t want them to fall even more in love with me. Perhaps love scared me. I didn’t meet my husband until I was 22 and it was the one from day one.  Nothing fickle about it.  I knew. I knew that I’d hurt them more if I let the relationship go beyond those early stages. I guess that makes me fickle over careers too, and friends – I seem to have gone through a lot of them. 

I reject this label because I don’t want it to limit me or be an excuse as to why I didn’t follow through with something. I still move with a lot of caution into everything I do or out of it as the case may be. I’d prefer to replace this label with cautious. Maybe too cautious and may cautious at other peoples expense. I’m selfish, but I’m also very kind. Would it hurt more to lose someone after a few weeks or after a few months or years?  I could have lead them on or stayed in a job I knew I’d hate. But I didn’t, because I understand myself very well, I know intuitively what is right for me even if deciding what is wrong takes a bit of experimentation. I’m sorry to all those I hurt over the years and I’m so grateful to you for teaching me about myself. You all made me feel wonderful, it’s a wonderful feeling to be adored and desired in kind and loving ways.

I AM Kind and I AM loving. I am kind because I do my best not to hurt others. I am loving because I do what my heart tells me is right. That’s not always what is right for you. But it is right for the greater good. You see, as I look back, I’ve put in a lot of criticism of myself, of who I am as I try and take responsability for who I am and was. But, I think kind and loving trump them all. I am kind because I will always choose the most positive response I can truthfully say. I am loving, because when I commit to anything I put my whole heart into it. I am NOT fickle when I call you family, even if you’re just a friend. I love people who don’t even know they are loved by me. I watch over them and quietly cheer when they succeed and wish I could be there when they need someone, even if it can’t be. I am more kind and loving than I am sarcastic, I am more kind and loving than I procrastinate, I am kind and loving as a friend, a mother and maybe not when I’m moody or judgemental, but I do make efforts to see things through a filter of love. But I’m not perfect, I AM human  – and maybe that should be a label. A label that encompasses all of the labels I’ve dissected for myself. I AM passionate. Isn’t passion what allows me to be an artist and a writer and married and a mother and a teacher? The thing I am passionate about are what help shape who I am. If I was passionate about politics well, I just wouldn’t be this version of me, cause this person would probably set aside the politics section in favour of the arts section and the stories about reall people an real lives. I am REAL.

Day 26 & 27- I AM Persnickety & I AM Moody

PersnicketyI am persnickety. The dictionary definition is of persnickety  basically says I’m a picky, snobby and very particular person who makes a big deal out of small details. I like things just ‘so’ and I prefer this word over the others. It can be a fault and I’ve often hurt people’s feelings because I know how I like things from my food, to my day to well, you name it and I’m probably picky about how I like it. And I’m a snob about it. I’m not going to eat macaroni salad just to please you, I don’t eat mayonnaise in any way shape or form, it’s just a fact of who I am. I am persnickety. And I can be too blunt about it. Confidence can be a bitch can’t it? So I’m labelled that too – a bitch. But I reject that label completely. Persnickety suites me better because I think there is a place where my kind of bitchy, pickiness is necessary and a strength. People know where they stand with me and what I think of something.

This label was given to me by my favourite high school art teacher – who unfortunately disappointed me by not being someone I could carry on a friendship with after high school. I get snarly when someone looks at my artwork and passes judgement on it before it is finished. If I am not happy with it, why would I go looking from someone elses opinion on it? And if you give me your opinion on it and it is neither helpful nor requested I get angry. Persnickety resulted from a lot of criticism and it developed as a way to protect myself. I became assertive enough to tell people to bugger off and come back when I’m ready for you and your opinions. I guess that makes me dismissive and rude. Persnickety might be an all around negative  label.

I AM moody. Yes, I too am a woman subject to shifts in my mood according to certain monthly cycles. And in some cases it is just an excuse. I also reject this one as a label. I hate when people try to sum up my complex emotions into a single word like moody. I am not moody and it’s not PMS and I’m not just being bitchy or emotional. Perhaps, just maybe, there is a valid reason why I am in such a mood and perhaps it’s just the natural shifts in body balance that allow me to express things better or worse at times. I am permitted to be grumpy and moody at times and I certainly don’t have to justify it to anyone. Just toss me some chocolate and try again later. I am human. I will rebound and come to you when I’m not moody or upset or avoiding dealing with things, but if I am, leave me alone. Balance in my life is giving myself to experience the full range of emotions and moods. I don’t have to be or every intend to be happy every day all day just so that you aren’t inconvenienced by my moodiness. I am not moody, I am human. Don’t comfort me or ask me if everything is okay – unless you really want to know and only if I trust you.

The combination of persnickety and moody. Well, we can’t all be sunshine and unicorn farts all the time. I am what I am, take me or leave me – but I will remember who left when things got rocky.