I am a Scorpio – Couch Potato Variety… Apparently

I was reminded of this last night. I was watching TV, engrossed in the show actually. As I sat there my energy shifted and balanced out because I was so calm and still, episodes of Dr. Who can do that to me apparently, the good ones at least. So, as I sat there a cloud of energy came into the livingroom, I had the distinct impression of spirit in this form. Any how he proceeded to stand… hover infront of me and wave his hands frantically trying to get my attention. This would have been easier for him had I not been watching an action packed finale show or if I were clairaudient instead of clairvoyant. As it was, I finally…grudgingly acknowledged him out loud.

“Yes, I see you.”
I closed my eyes and saw a lion, huge and magnificent. “Lion,” I said out loud.
The cloud of energy went crazy with excitement in front of me.
I closed my eyes again and the energy pointed at me and showed me a scorpion.
“Scorpion,” I repeated, “Wait, scorpio! You are a Leo and yes, I am a Scorpio!”
Again the spirit went crazy with excitement. And I made an effort to open up the part of my gift that hears. No success, I felt pressure and cracking, but no sounds came through. I was quickly engrossed in my show again an dcompletely dropped my focus on the spirit.

I feel bad now, like I should have turned off the TV and given this spirt more of my time, they were trying to help me hear them, how often have I wanted to work on clairaudience and had no one around to hear? And here I was wasting my opportunity by stubbornly focussing on Dr. Who instead. I am a scorpio and some days it is not all passion and fire, I guess that makes me of the couch potato variety of scorpions.

I hope I recognize the next opportunity and take it. I apologise to the man who was the Leo here last night. Come back soon and we will try again!


If I had the choice…

A recent encounter with someone from my past has made me very reflective on my life. Have you had those? Those moments where you wonder how your life would have been different or easier if you’d made a different choice way back when… Of course you have, we all have.

But I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks now and here is the conclusion that I have come to. If I stood on the horizon of my life and I saw two paths to choose from. A safe and predictable path or an unknown adventure path. I know without a doubt I’d choose the adventure path each and every time. I’d take the risk and follow the path that would teach me the most in this lifetime.

When I first encountered this ghost of my past,  I was filled with regret – with wonder about what would have happened if I hadn’t missed that opportunity.

From this perspective, the one looking back, knowing where they went and where I am… I know exactly why I missed that opportunity. Regardless of how comfortable and easy a path with them would have been, the adventurer in me would have weighed the risk and chosen the adventure. Notice I didn’t say it was the difference between the dangerous path and the gentle or even the difference between and light and dark path – all of those things are a matter of perspective. Love was guaranteed, it was about the experience not the love. Love was guaranteed.

I don’t regret any of the things I’ve learned. I don’t regret missing that one opportunity that would have put me on a different, safer path. Just because something is good, doesn’t mean I would have felt satisfied. In fact I may have ended up trying to veer myself back to an adventure path. Part of feeling satisfied is accomplishing things, overcoming hard times, riding that rollercoaster up and down the hills…. and I LOVE rollercoasters. I’d have taken a good thing for granted and taken the shortcut across the field back to the adventure. But now is no time to speculate on the past with longing and regret. Definately not! It is time to reconcile my past and know that I am satisfied. I didn’t hurt the safe path passangers. The challenges I faced were worth the reward, the experience and while I still hold onto the knowledge that the safe path might have been there. It’s easier to let it go now. The timing was wrong for a safe path when I was so young. I even wonder if I’m just trying to rationalize my choices. Do I REALLY want to go back and make a different choice. I’m not looking for an excuse to throw a wrench into this life. The adventure has levelled out quite a bit, found it’s own degree of safety.

How do you reconcile your past? Are there things you regret? Things that might have been safe and easy? Are you an adventurer like I am? As much as I beleive in God, I don’t thing the Creator had any part in my choices, I would assert my own cotrol over my destiny and while things might have been heartbreakingly painful during the experience, looking back now, I know I would not have done it differently.

If I chose a different path all those years ago I wouldn’t have my husband or my beautiful children and THAT is something I simply can’t regret or wish to change whatever the challenges were to get here. I just look at the ghost of my past and it’s easy now to laugh like old friends. As we glanced at eachother there was a clear exchange of knowlegde that the past was a choice, it was a reality and we both chose even if we didn’t do it out loud. Perhaps they chose to let me take the adventure path, cause deep down they knew they wanted this life to be simpler. Not to say they haven’t had their own challenges and adventures, but I know without a doubt, love was not the deciding factor, it was adventure. When you recognize a safe path, that path will still be there in the next life, perhaps even later in this life. My  but the present was my choice. Adventures are not quite done yet and we’re on parallel paths right now. We get to watch the others journey and I don’t want to taint mine with regret or longing. There HAS to be a logical reason why I missed that opportunity and the only person I feel comfrotable in blaming is myself. My higher-self knew I HAD to miss it to find the greatest adventure.

Raise your glass and say, “Cheers to the adventure!” I am finally at a time in my life where I can understand with clarity, knowledge and love.  Which path did you choose? I chose from only the ones filled with love and came up with a whole lotta love.

We Are Powerful

IMG_5358I’ve been working on a lot of my own stuff lately. And I feel so self consumed at times. Like all my self-discoveries are bragging. But I fully believe we are all powerful, each individual has the potential to grow and expand and the only real obstacle is ourselves. What limits do you set on you? What limits do  you allow others to assume about you that you claim and keep? Up to now, life in general has been a game of they who whine the loudest gets all the attention, the biggest ego wins.  That’s so not me, and not the rat race I want to get involved in. I will not be less of who I am in order to compete using dirty tactics to win.

The amount we distrust our leaders is disheartening. We assume they will lie and cheat at every turn… are we then manifesting that very thing to happen? Are we attracting this unscrupulous leaders? Do we give enough credit and energy to those who are NOT like that? Do we  simply give  those leaders the power because we feel like we as individuals we can’t make a difference?

This is the issue I’m grappling with at the moment. At what point do the people representing the greater good unserp control over those who wish to do harm and evil, support greed and hatred? Does that mean to be powerful we have to become as loud and unscrupulous as those leaders? I don’t think so. I think society needs to put greater value on the quiet listeners and speakers of truth and good instead of the charismatic loud-mouths who will do anything for any personal gain. We’ve become too accustomed to the bombardment of pop culture and the media. TV commercials, game shows… I feel like there is a big rip in society as a whole, we’ve been dazzled out of thinking for ourselves. It needs to stop.

We are powerful.  Does this mean I need to have a louder voice if I am to become a leader of spiritual things or political things? Or do I simply need more people to quiet and listen. Do I need to drown out the loudest voice or will people come looking for me and others like me? I believe in our power. I believe in the power of doing what is right and leading by listening and feeling with all senses extended to their farthest reaches.  The time for the ego is over but the time for the voice is not. I implore you to give power to the things you do support, regardless of how dazzling and loud the others are.  If words are RIGHT in your heart… support them. I feel like the voice of good ripples farther and longer, where as negativity make a big splash and dies.

Together we become more powerful. Like a cloud building can block out the light of the sun or the moon. The important part of power is the “WE” aspect – it’s not a solo venture.

What do you give your power to? Even negative energy – complaining about what they are doing – gives them energy. Break down what you receive from them down to bare bones – get the facts and keep up to date but give your energy to positive things. To things you know are right and write about what you like in other places instead of what you don’t like. The universe hears the theme of what you are thinking the most about – make sure it’s positive because the ripples last longer than the splashes.

Perhaps this isn’t my best written musing – but the essence is here. We are powerful. Be mindful of where you place yours.

No One Wins In A War

In regards to the anti-shale activists and battles in New Brunswick -I am heartbroken over the battles going on in this day and age. When the people have less of a voice than big business and money. When the Earth, our children and our future are collateral damages for short term gain. I hear so much hate but what we should all be fighting for are the things we love. Hate and racism are alive and well. When First Nations are banded together – because we are a tight knit community of families… so many still see us as seperate from them. They still want categorize our fight as something that doesn’t affect them, those people who are not a part of the community, you ARE a part of this Earth so this fight should also be your fight if you value a future for your children. One that includes these beautiful rolling blue skies reflecting in crystal lakes teeming with fish and wildlife on the shores.

Perhaps it’s ignorance, or turning a blind eye so everyone can keep driving their cars and truck in bliss. Perhaps some have a notion that one voice is not strong enough, but when all voices speak together… well, we have to at least try. When did the voice of politicians and business men get stronger than the voices of the country? My heart aches with sadness over this. How can I make a difference?  I can spread ideas and send loving energy towards my vision of a beautiful Earth for thousands of years. I don’t support the battles, not the guns or the hateful words shouted across imaginary lines. No one wins in a battle and I know so many are trying to fight with peace and steadfast determination – to them – I support you!

Where are priorities of our leaders and those who uphold the law? Are you fighting the right people for the right reasons? I ask for any and all  who follow my blog to also offer up a prayer if you are willing to add your energy to a peaceful and loving resolution to this:

I ask the Creator to please send forward love to all involved in this battle. I ask that all people realize that the fight of so many First Nations people across this great land is to protect Mother Earth for all children. I ask that for compassion, truth, peace and love to surface as a guiding light to all involved and that these worthy battles are shared by all people on this Earth. 

I ask for all hatred to be healed. I ask for loving energy to be placed in the hearts and the minds of those who are able to initiate changes that will remove our dependancy on fossil fuels and other Earth damaging and non-renewable resources. I ask for the true and just leaders to rise and be supported. I ask that greater value be seen in the things we cannot buy or replace – Our families, our Earth and our integrity as keepers of this land.

For all people and all the Earth I pray for loving resolutions to all conflict.

Miigwetch. (Thank you.)

If you have the time please meditate or pray upon this outside and place tobacco (a symbol of gratitude, respect and this prayer) at the base of a tree so that your prayer will rise up through the branches and be heard by the Creator. If you don’t have tobacco, any small offering of food or gift will do. Envision the energy of love and peace and all the desires you hold for loving solutions to flowing up the branches and taking flight on the wind to wherever this energy is needed the most.

Thank you and much love to all,




Violet – Higher Soul Self

Violet is the last of the chakra I will be covering in this series of blogs. It’s the seventh chakra and the seventh colour in the rainbow. Just let a beam of sunlight pass through a prism and you will see all of these colours in the order I have covered them. The chakra names are not as important as the colours themselves and the energy they carry. While names and approaches to clearing, and activating these energy centres vary, their purpose remains. The prism separates out a single beam of white light into seven and when you bring those colours back together they return to white. It only makes sense that the ultimate in enlightenment is a pure white soul. Where all chakra are perfectly balanced. Violet is the final colour before white in the evolutions of our souls in this physical world.

Violet is the only connection you have to your spiritual self. We have so much untapped awareness that even fully activating these seven colours is like scratching the surface of our being. The violet field of soul colour and chakra colour is where I most often find information that is beyond this lifetime and this physical awareness. I most often see protective angels and guides, animal totems and past lives here. I doesn’t matter what you believe at this point in your life, in fact the violet chakra is not a part of your physical body whatsoever and it hovers slightly above your head. The part of you that is a soul is connected to this chakra. The rest of you only knows yourself as a physical body and person.

I don’t know that many people ever activate their souls to a level of becoming violet, I have seen it occasionally, such as after a profound experience in my dearest spiritual friends – but the overall violet hue of their soul did not stay this colour, it reverted back to other my physical strengths as covered in my previous posts. I am not sure that in this lifetime the soul was ever intended to become and remain violet. I believe we purposely came to this Earth and this lifetime to have a physical experience, but we do it with the goal of one day and in one of our lifetimes to come to recognize our soul self and to rise above in moment of enlightenment or ascension.

Violet is kind of the physical side of the gateway to heaven. My understanding of violet may change and I continue to learn and grow. In fact I fully expect for many truths I have come be believe to continue to shift and evolve as my universal understandings grow. Just because I say that this is true from my experiences, does not mean that are true for all. We all experience our spiritual journies differently. All I am staying in conclusion is to keep what you believe to be TRUTH as fluid. Let truth flow like a river through you and carve out new paths as surely as the waters do here on Earth. It doesn’t make the first path any less true, but the deeper truth flows the more likely it is to leave shallow waters behind. Keep an open mind and seek deeper truth with love and light as a guide.

Meditation for Violet

Again if you haven’t already done the six prior meditaitons for red,orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo, please do them before proceeding with this one.

Get into a comfortable position, take deep breathes in an out and let the worries of your day fall away. Shake out any parts of your body that are holding tension. Close your eyes and breathe in, relax, breathe out.

For this meditation we are going to start to walk down a path until we reach a beautiful vast field. There are trees all around the edges and the trees are your protectors.  The Earth supports you and you place your hands on the earth and allow the recharging and refreshing energy to rise up from the heart of Mother Earth. She allows her love and light to rise up in a warm white light up thorugh your red, orang and yellow.

You take a few deep breathes and let it rise up to cleanse and clear your green heart chakra and soul light. Allow yourself to send some love back to the earth and let your love also rise with the white earth energy as it clears and recharges your blue, indigo and finally your violet.

The Earth graciously accepts any negative energy, it is never a burden to such a loving mother who turns all energy into new growing things.  Keep breathing in and out and feel the cycle of energy flow through you. Breathe in and out.

As we sit or lie there in this field, I want you to look up at the sky above. Violet descends from the heavens like a twinkling violet star and it is carried by someone who looks familiar and feels warm and safe. It is carried by an angel, a guide, animal totem or even someone who feels like you. I want you to send forth a green light directly out of your heart. Only beings with loving intentions with pass through the protective light of your heart. You are reminded that you can use your heart light to test any and every spiritual experience and being. Truth shines brigher in the light of love – negativity fades away and lies of any kind are foreced to melt away and reveal only truth and love.

Who is carrying the light, it is not important to have a clear image at this time but feel the positivity and love radiating back at you from above. This start settles at the top of your head, at the centre of your violet chakra. There is never any pressure, only loving support from violet. Who knows better – how to support you – than you? No one, you’re higher self and the guides you choose to send that are best suited to your present goals and growth are with you now. You may feel their presence in some way, trust your intuition. Greet any guides that come through for you and thank them for their presence and guidance. Ask them how you will recognize their presence. It will always be gentle and something that will not frighten you. Angels often send feathers, and hearts, and help and guidance from angels and loving guides will always be positive. You will NEVER be asked to hurt or harm another or yourself. Your are safe, protected and guided and the balancing  power of violet opens all your chakra to loving advice and guidance to heal all things that prevent them from shining brightest. Violet wants you to reach your greatest potential and wants you to do it gently and at exactly the time you need to take each step. Violet is about faith in all things including yourself and the path you are guided to take to reach your greatest potential.

As you open your eyes in this field. Feel a gentle warm wind swirl around you like a great hug. The violet light will stay with you always. Return down the path until you reach your home and expand a seed of white light or a pale rose coloured light (whatever feels right to you) around you at the centre of your being and expand it out and all around you. Set your shield with the intention to protect you. Always be specific about your intentions.

Breathe in and out  and know that you can activate all of your chakra and soul light at any time, through meditation or simply intention. Meditation is a process to focus our minds and I thank you for participating in mine.

Much Love!





Indigo – Inner Sight

Indigo is often the chakra (Third Eye Chakra) Beginners want to active and expand. It is because it is the all senses above and beyond the physical sight, smell, touch, sound. Things like intuition, lucid dreaming, mediumship, clairaudience (psychic hearing,) clairvoyance (psychic sight such as inside you mind or sight of thing spiritual in the physical world not seen by others,) and clairsentience (feeling physical sensations assiciated with a psychic observation or spiritual response through touches or tingles.)

It is very important to note that developing and expanding this soul colour and chakra without expanding the entire soul and chakras as a whole tends to produce unbalaned and egotistical psychics. It is possible to force the gifts or extended senses to open but force often means the person is not ready for it naturally hence some people who take a forceful route end up mentally ill. Never under estimate power or over estimate you ability to control it. Even the slightest expansion has left me and friends reeling, I can’t imagine opening an ocean when a river is something I can handle with confidence. I don’t want to be swept away and neither do you. You have to learn how to control all that is around and flowind through you, learn who and what you can and cannot trust. Grounding, shielding and clearing are all things you have to master before you make the moves to expand your indigo. This series of posts have been building up to that.

Today we will focus on ground, clear and shielding as we have been for all chakra up to this point. You want to feel the subtle buzz at a soul level that is vibrations rising and all chakra opening and expanding to their greatest potential, this will mean a lot of hard work on all levels and colours. As you raise your soul vibration all of your past and present hurts and fears will systmatically surface for healing an it IS your choice to take the slow gentle path or you can ask for a faster one which sometimes overturns your life quite violently to make way for new growth. The third path and most dangerous is force, it is never without great cost and risk and this approach will never allow you to expand you because you will not be using love and positive energy to do it because love and positve energy are always gentle.

When I see someone who is naturally gifted but not ready for there gifts I often see protection around this chakra located in the middle of your forehead. I see angels and guides most often here standing guard like you personal psychic bouncers. I have seen magenta netting and rainbow shielding. As people are expanding I often see this third eye energy field like a lotus opening up to greet the sun or as an actual eye with a screen of eyelashes as a person begins to look around but carefully.

Well established psychics often have their field of indigo bright with sparkles of white or gold or green or rainbows. Each is unique and reflects what they specialize in. Healers sometimes radiate patterns of fractals. I can usually ask and determine through elimination which gifts are dominant. You can use angels and guides to help if you have established a communication with them or use a tool like a pendulum to help.

It is also important to note that though there are natural psychics, but all those gifts can be developed with patient and persistent work. The thing I have learned to see with my minds eye I have always been able to see, but very, very subtle. I didn’t learn to see, I already saw, but through much effort I learned how to pay attention to it. That is what meditation does for you. It puts you in a mindset to really pay attention to all the signals and cues you already receive. once you find one, just build on that. And don’t allow ego or others downplay you personal experience. Being a medium (one who communicates with ghosts) isn’t for everyone. You only grow where you are ready to. For me intuition, empathy and clairsentience came first. And I felt bad, like others were doing more exciting things. But growth that is balanced and sure means that I have ABSOLUTE confidence in what I see and know. I don’t want an all out invitation out there for spirits, I communicate with them but set my own boundaries where I filter with love and control the when and where of being open to other new experiences. Negative stuff IS out there. Slow, cautious and balanced reduces fear and allows you to prepare as you move further and further down the psychic rabbit hole.

I want everyone to be safe as they progress and know there is no pressure to do anything you are not open to. Your intention are absolute law when it comes to what you are open to. Be specific, be safe, use love and light always.

Indigo Meditation

If you haven’t already, please do the meditations for, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue before proceeding with this one. They were all written with the intent for them to be done in sequence.

Get comfortable and shake out any tension or stress that you are holding on to. Be still and quiet and let all noise fade from you awareness, even in a busy house meditation is calming and grounding. Even if your mind drifts off to thinking of other things, bringing you attention repeatedly back to the intent of you meditation is effective. There are no excuses and no limits except those which you allow. Deep breathes in and out.

For this meditation when you close your eyes, it is twilight. That time between night and day or day and night. The sky around you is a brilliant deep shade of blue. It is indigo. Breathe in and out and feel the wonder that is this time of day, twilight is all about potential. Indigo is all about potential.

Reach up into the sky and pluck a star out of the sky. It is brilliant whitelight, warm and pure love, healing and as you draw it into the centre of your being.

It begins to turn and sparkle and twinkle. Each flash shoots gently outwards around you, clearing out all dust and negativity in all of your being. You only feel the cleansing and healing pulse of the star as beams of light pass through each and every cell.

Out of the twilight a small swarm of dragonflies, butterflies or lightning bugs come down and gently brush against your skin. As you look down at them they gather all the darkness that has been pushed out and the carry it away. The brilliant white light grows even larger as there is no more negativity to hold it back. This light feels wonderful and light and it makes you feel as though you are floating in your place instead of sitting or lying there.

I want you to look up and feel the indigo light of twilight come down all around you like a curtain. the light gentle flows in through the top of your head and rocks slow and gentle down, down, down to your toes and into the Earth.

When you feel full of the light pure an bright both white and indigo I want you to ask to see this light or this chakra. envision the chakra as a ball of light or a lotus bud and see if it is opening or beginning to bloom. Set your intentions if you have them now for which if any gifts you would like to have and work towards. If there are none, it is okay to ask that they be safe and protected until and if the time comes that you are ready.

Now, gently reach inside the white light and take a piece of the star and place it back into the twilight sky. You can use this light to cleanse and restore whenever you want to. You may also change your intentions to develope or simply protect your gifts at any time.

Light is never diminished, especially white light. Use the white light – still and always within you – to protect you. Set you intention now to only be open to loving experiences that will benefit you to your greatest good and greatest potential.

Take a deep breath and open your eyes when you are ready.

Blue – Communication

Blue is the colour that governs over communication. The chakra is located right at your throat. A strong bright blue in chakra and souls shows a strong comminicator which may also vary in style from person. Look at their other chakra colours for hints inside that field of blue.

A few sparkles of yellow shows someone who communicates with a lot of emotions. Red is perhaps very loud and ego based and closed minded communicator or oppositely one who is well grounded- you may need to double check with your angels and guides or a tool like a pendulem. Green or magenta sparkles is someone who speaks from the heart and with love as a filter. Orange sparkles show someone who I very comfortable about communication all their needs in their sexual/sensual situations.

Communication in front of large groups such as for public speaking this is a difference you also have to confirm, but the most brilliant of blues, there is no difference, they are strong in all situations. Only experience can give you that level of comfort in telling the difference.

Meditation for Blue

If you haven’t already, please do the meditations for red, orange, yellow and green before beginning this one.

Get comfortable, grab a glass of water and give youself some uninterrupted time.
Breathe in and out and let any tension fall away. Water will be the element we will be using to clear.  Envision a pure white cloud above you and as you continue to breathe, a gentle warm rain starts to fall upon you. The rain is blue light and it fals down and starts to wash through, cleansing and restoring blue light from the violet at the top of your head, then through the indigo at your eye level. It clears and fills your thrat chakra, it will take the longest here, where blue meets blue and needs blue the most.

Let the blue flow from that pure white cloud through your, green, yellow, orange and red chakra and soul lights. Let the blue fill you with the confidence to speak when you need to – you speak where you need to and you may always find the words you need to speak with clarity.

The rain slows and stops and the white cloud drifts away in a pure blue sky with golden sunlight drying the rain as you feel warm an refreshed.

Now take a seed of blue and white light and place them at the centre of your being. allow light to fill them out and around you protecting you in a large protective bubble as large as you feel you need.

When your ready open your eyes and know you have all the strength and power you need to communicate well.
Much love.