I am a Scorpio – Couch Potato Variety… Apparently

I was reminded of this last night. I was watching TV, engrossed in the show actually. As I sat there my energy shifted and balanced out because I was so calm and still, episodes of Dr. Who can do that to me apparently, the good ones at least. So, as I sat there a cloud of energy came into the livingroom, I had the distinct impression of spirit in this form. Any how he proceeded to stand… hover infront of me and wave his hands frantically trying to get my attention. This would have been easier for him had I not been watching an action packed finale show or if I were clairaudient instead of clairvoyant. As it was, I finally…grudgingly acknowledged him out loud.

“Yes, I see you.”
I closed my eyes and saw a lion, huge and magnificent. “Lion,” I said out loud.
The cloud of energy went crazy with excitement in front of me.
I closed my eyes again and the energy pointed at me and showed me a scorpion.
“Scorpion,” I repeated, “Wait, scorpio! You are a Leo and yes, I am a Scorpio!”
Again the spirit went crazy with excitement. And I made an effort to open up the part of my gift that hears. No success, I felt pressure and cracking, but no sounds came through. I was quickly engrossed in my show again an dcompletely dropped my focus on the spirit.

I feel bad now, like I should have turned off the TV and given this spirt more of my time, they were trying to help me hear them, how often have I wanted to work on clairaudience and had no one around to hear? And here I was wasting my opportunity by stubbornly focussing on Dr. Who instead. I am a scorpio and some days it is not all passion and fire, I guess that makes me of the couch potato variety of scorpions.

I hope I recognize the next opportunity and take it. I apologise to the man who was the Leo here last night. Come back soon and we will try again!


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