We Are Powerful

IMG_5358I’ve been working on a lot of my own stuff lately. And I feel so self consumed at times. Like all my self-discoveries are bragging. But I fully believe we are all powerful, each individual has the potential to grow and expand and the only real obstacle is ourselves. What limits do you set on you? What limits do  you allow others to assume about you that you claim and keep? Up to now, life in general has been a game of they who whine the loudest gets all the attention, the biggest ego wins.  That’s so not me, and not the rat race I want to get involved in. I will not be less of who I am in order to compete using dirty tactics to win.

The amount we distrust our leaders is disheartening. We assume they will lie and cheat at every turn… are we then manifesting that very thing to happen? Are we attracting this unscrupulous leaders? Do we give enough credit and energy to those who are NOT like that? Do we  simply give  those leaders the power because we feel like we as individuals we can’t make a difference?

This is the issue I’m grappling with at the moment. At what point do the people representing the greater good unserp control over those who wish to do harm and evil, support greed and hatred? Does that mean to be powerful we have to become as loud and unscrupulous as those leaders? I don’t think so. I think society needs to put greater value on the quiet listeners and speakers of truth and good instead of the charismatic loud-mouths who will do anything for any personal gain. We’ve become too accustomed to the bombardment of pop culture and the media. TV commercials, game shows… I feel like there is a big rip in society as a whole, we’ve been dazzled out of thinking for ourselves. It needs to stop.

We are powerful.  Does this mean I need to have a louder voice if I am to become a leader of spiritual things or political things? Or do I simply need more people to quiet and listen. Do I need to drown out the loudest voice or will people come looking for me and others like me? I believe in our power. I believe in the power of doing what is right and leading by listening and feeling with all senses extended to their farthest reaches.  The time for the ego is over but the time for the voice is not. I implore you to give power to the things you do support, regardless of how dazzling and loud the others are.  If words are RIGHT in your heart… support them. I feel like the voice of good ripples farther and longer, where as negativity make a big splash and dies.

Together we become more powerful. Like a cloud building can block out the light of the sun or the moon. The important part of power is the “WE” aspect – it’s not a solo venture.

What do you give your power to? Even negative energy – complaining about what they are doing – gives them energy. Break down what you receive from them down to bare bones – get the facts and keep up to date but give your energy to positive things. To things you know are right and write about what you like in other places instead of what you don’t like. The universe hears the theme of what you are thinking the most about – make sure it’s positive because the ripples last longer than the splashes.

Perhaps this isn’t my best written musing – but the essence is here. We are powerful. Be mindful of where you place yours.


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