No One Wins In A War

In regards to the anti-shale activists and battles in New Brunswick -I am heartbroken over the battles going on in this day and age. When the people have less of a voice than big business and money. When the Earth, our children and our future are collateral damages for short term gain. I hear so much hate but what we should all be fighting for are the things we love. Hate and racism are alive and well. When First Nations are banded together – because we are a tight knit community of families… so many still see us as seperate from them. They still want categorize our fight as something that doesn’t affect them, those people who are not a part of the community, you ARE a part of this Earth so this fight should also be your fight if you value a future for your children. One that includes these beautiful rolling blue skies reflecting in crystal lakes teeming with fish and wildlife on the shores.

Perhaps it’s ignorance, or turning a blind eye so everyone can keep driving their cars and truck in bliss. Perhaps some have a notion that one voice is not strong enough, but when all voices speak together… well, we have to at least try. When did the voice of politicians and business men get stronger than the voices of the country? My heart aches with sadness over this. How can I make a difference?  I can spread ideas and send loving energy towards my vision of a beautiful Earth for thousands of years. I don’t support the battles, not the guns or the hateful words shouted across imaginary lines. No one wins in a battle and I know so many are trying to fight with peace and steadfast determination – to them – I support you!

Where are priorities of our leaders and those who uphold the law? Are you fighting the right people for the right reasons? I ask for any and all  who follow my blog to also offer up a prayer if you are willing to add your energy to a peaceful and loving resolution to this:

I ask the Creator to please send forward love to all involved in this battle. I ask that all people realize that the fight of so many First Nations people across this great land is to protect Mother Earth for all children. I ask that for compassion, truth, peace and love to surface as a guiding light to all involved and that these worthy battles are shared by all people on this Earth. 

I ask for all hatred to be healed. I ask for loving energy to be placed in the hearts and the minds of those who are able to initiate changes that will remove our dependancy on fossil fuels and other Earth damaging and non-renewable resources. I ask for the true and just leaders to rise and be supported. I ask that greater value be seen in the things we cannot buy or replace – Our families, our Earth and our integrity as keepers of this land.

For all people and all the Earth I pray for loving resolutions to all conflict.

Miigwetch. (Thank you.)

If you have the time please meditate or pray upon this outside and place tobacco (a symbol of gratitude, respect and this prayer) at the base of a tree so that your prayer will rise up through the branches and be heard by the Creator. If you don’t have tobacco, any small offering of food or gift will do. Envision the energy of love and peace and all the desires you hold for loving solutions to flowing up the branches and taking flight on the wind to wherever this energy is needed the most.

Thank you and much love to all,





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