Violet – Higher Soul Self

Violet is the last of the chakra I will be covering in this series of blogs. It’s the seventh chakra and the seventh colour in the rainbow. Just let a beam of sunlight pass through a prism and you will see all of these colours in the order I have covered them. The chakra names are not as important as the colours themselves and the energy they carry. While names and approaches to clearing, and activating these energy centres vary, their purpose remains. The prism separates out a single beam of white light into seven and when you bring those colours back together they return to white. It only makes sense that the ultimate in enlightenment is a pure white soul. Where all chakra are perfectly balanced. Violet is the final colour before white in the evolutions of our souls in this physical world.

Violet is the only connection you have to your spiritual self. We have so much untapped awareness that even fully activating these seven colours is like scratching the surface of our being. The violet field of soul colour and chakra colour is where I most often find information that is beyond this lifetime and this physical awareness. I most often see protective angels and guides, animal totems and past lives here. I doesn’t matter what you believe at this point in your life, in fact the violet chakra is not a part of your physical body whatsoever and it hovers slightly above your head. The part of you that is a soul is connected to this chakra. The rest of you only knows yourself as a physical body and person.

I don’t know that many people ever activate their souls to a level of becoming violet, I have seen it occasionally, such as after a profound experience in my dearest spiritual friends – but the overall violet hue of their soul did not stay this colour, it reverted back to other my physical strengths as covered in my previous posts. I am not sure that in this lifetime the soul was ever intended to become and remain violet. I believe we purposely came to this Earth and this lifetime to have a physical experience, but we do it with the goal of one day and in one of our lifetimes to come to recognize our soul self and to rise above in moment of enlightenment or ascension.

Violet is kind of the physical side of the gateway to heaven. My understanding of violet may change and I continue to learn and grow. In fact I fully expect for many truths I have come be believe to continue to shift and evolve as my universal understandings grow. Just because I say that this is true from my experiences, does not mean that are true for all. We all experience our spiritual journies differently. All I am staying in conclusion is to keep what you believe to be TRUTH as fluid. Let truth flow like a river through you and carve out new paths as surely as the waters do here on Earth. It doesn’t make the first path any less true, but the deeper truth flows the more likely it is to leave shallow waters behind. Keep an open mind and seek deeper truth with love and light as a guide.

Meditation for Violet

Again if you haven’t already done the six prior meditaitons for red,orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo, please do them before proceeding with this one.

Get into a comfortable position, take deep breathes in an out and let the worries of your day fall away. Shake out any parts of your body that are holding tension. Close your eyes and breathe in, relax, breathe out.

For this meditation we are going to start to walk down a path until we reach a beautiful vast field. There are trees all around the edges and the trees are your protectors.  The Earth supports you and you place your hands on the earth and allow the recharging and refreshing energy to rise up from the heart of Mother Earth. She allows her love and light to rise up in a warm white light up thorugh your red, orang and yellow.

You take a few deep breathes and let it rise up to cleanse and clear your green heart chakra and soul light. Allow yourself to send some love back to the earth and let your love also rise with the white earth energy as it clears and recharges your blue, indigo and finally your violet.

The Earth graciously accepts any negative energy, it is never a burden to such a loving mother who turns all energy into new growing things.  Keep breathing in and out and feel the cycle of energy flow through you. Breathe in and out.

As we sit or lie there in this field, I want you to look up at the sky above. Violet descends from the heavens like a twinkling violet star and it is carried by someone who looks familiar and feels warm and safe. It is carried by an angel, a guide, animal totem or even someone who feels like you. I want you to send forth a green light directly out of your heart. Only beings with loving intentions with pass through the protective light of your heart. You are reminded that you can use your heart light to test any and every spiritual experience and being. Truth shines brigher in the light of love – negativity fades away and lies of any kind are foreced to melt away and reveal only truth and love.

Who is carrying the light, it is not important to have a clear image at this time but feel the positivity and love radiating back at you from above. This start settles at the top of your head, at the centre of your violet chakra. There is never any pressure, only loving support from violet. Who knows better – how to support you – than you? No one, you’re higher self and the guides you choose to send that are best suited to your present goals and growth are with you now. You may feel their presence in some way, trust your intuition. Greet any guides that come through for you and thank them for their presence and guidance. Ask them how you will recognize their presence. It will always be gentle and something that will not frighten you. Angels often send feathers, and hearts, and help and guidance from angels and loving guides will always be positive. You will NEVER be asked to hurt or harm another or yourself. Your are safe, protected and guided and the balancing  power of violet opens all your chakra to loving advice and guidance to heal all things that prevent them from shining brightest. Violet wants you to reach your greatest potential and wants you to do it gently and at exactly the time you need to take each step. Violet is about faith in all things including yourself and the path you are guided to take to reach your greatest potential.

As you open your eyes in this field. Feel a gentle warm wind swirl around you like a great hug. The violet light will stay with you always. Return down the path until you reach your home and expand a seed of white light or a pale rose coloured light (whatever feels right to you) around you at the centre of your being and expand it out and all around you. Set your shield with the intention to protect you. Always be specific about your intentions.

Breathe in and out  and know that you can activate all of your chakra and soul light at any time, through meditation or simply intention. Meditation is a process to focus our minds and I thank you for participating in mine.

Much Love!






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