Indigo – Inner Sight

Indigo is often the chakra (Third Eye Chakra) Beginners want to active and expand. It is because it is the all senses above and beyond the physical sight, smell, touch, sound. Things like intuition, lucid dreaming, mediumship, clairaudience (psychic hearing,) clairvoyance (psychic sight such as inside you mind or sight of thing spiritual in the physical world not seen by others,) and clairsentience (feeling physical sensations assiciated with a psychic observation or spiritual response through touches or tingles.)

It is very important to note that developing and expanding this soul colour and chakra without expanding the entire soul and chakras as a whole tends to produce unbalaned and egotistical psychics. It is possible to force the gifts or extended senses to open but force often means the person is not ready for it naturally hence some people who take a forceful route end up mentally ill. Never under estimate power or over estimate you ability to control it. Even the slightest expansion has left me and friends reeling, I can’t imagine opening an ocean when a river is something I can handle with confidence. I don’t want to be swept away and neither do you. You have to learn how to control all that is around and flowind through you, learn who and what you can and cannot trust. Grounding, shielding and clearing are all things you have to master before you make the moves to expand your indigo. This series of posts have been building up to that.

Today we will focus on ground, clear and shielding as we have been for all chakra up to this point. You want to feel the subtle buzz at a soul level that is vibrations rising and all chakra opening and expanding to their greatest potential, this will mean a lot of hard work on all levels and colours. As you raise your soul vibration all of your past and present hurts and fears will systmatically surface for healing an it IS your choice to take the slow gentle path or you can ask for a faster one which sometimes overturns your life quite violently to make way for new growth. The third path and most dangerous is force, it is never without great cost and risk and this approach will never allow you to expand you because you will not be using love and positive energy to do it because love and positve energy are always gentle.

When I see someone who is naturally gifted but not ready for there gifts I often see protection around this chakra located in the middle of your forehead. I see angels and guides most often here standing guard like you personal psychic bouncers. I have seen magenta netting and rainbow shielding. As people are expanding I often see this third eye energy field like a lotus opening up to greet the sun or as an actual eye with a screen of eyelashes as a person begins to look around but carefully.

Well established psychics often have their field of indigo bright with sparkles of white or gold or green or rainbows. Each is unique and reflects what they specialize in. Healers sometimes radiate patterns of fractals. I can usually ask and determine through elimination which gifts are dominant. You can use angels and guides to help if you have established a communication with them or use a tool like a pendulum to help.

It is also important to note that though there are natural psychics, but all those gifts can be developed with patient and persistent work. The thing I have learned to see with my minds eye I have always been able to see, but very, very subtle. I didn’t learn to see, I already saw, but through much effort I learned how to pay attention to it. That is what meditation does for you. It puts you in a mindset to really pay attention to all the signals and cues you already receive. once you find one, just build on that. And don’t allow ego or others downplay you personal experience. Being a medium (one who communicates with ghosts) isn’t for everyone. You only grow where you are ready to. For me intuition, empathy and clairsentience came first. And I felt bad, like others were doing more exciting things. But growth that is balanced and sure means that I have ABSOLUTE confidence in what I see and know. I don’t want an all out invitation out there for spirits, I communicate with them but set my own boundaries where I filter with love and control the when and where of being open to other new experiences. Negative stuff IS out there. Slow, cautious and balanced reduces fear and allows you to prepare as you move further and further down the psychic rabbit hole.

I want everyone to be safe as they progress and know there is no pressure to do anything you are not open to. Your intention are absolute law when it comes to what you are open to. Be specific, be safe, use love and light always.

Indigo Meditation

If you haven’t already, please do the meditations for, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue before proceeding with this one. They were all written with the intent for them to be done in sequence.

Get comfortable and shake out any tension or stress that you are holding on to. Be still and quiet and let all noise fade from you awareness, even in a busy house meditation is calming and grounding. Even if your mind drifts off to thinking of other things, bringing you attention repeatedly back to the intent of you meditation is effective. There are no excuses and no limits except those which you allow. Deep breathes in and out.

For this meditation when you close your eyes, it is twilight. That time between night and day or day and night. The sky around you is a brilliant deep shade of blue. It is indigo. Breathe in and out and feel the wonder that is this time of day, twilight is all about potential. Indigo is all about potential.

Reach up into the sky and pluck a star out of the sky. It is brilliant whitelight, warm and pure love, healing and as you draw it into the centre of your being.

It begins to turn and sparkle and twinkle. Each flash shoots gently outwards around you, clearing out all dust and negativity in all of your being. You only feel the cleansing and healing pulse of the star as beams of light pass through each and every cell.

Out of the twilight a small swarm of dragonflies, butterflies or lightning bugs come down and gently brush against your skin. As you look down at them they gather all the darkness that has been pushed out and the carry it away. The brilliant white light grows even larger as there is no more negativity to hold it back. This light feels wonderful and light and it makes you feel as though you are floating in your place instead of sitting or lying there.

I want you to look up and feel the indigo light of twilight come down all around you like a curtain. the light gentle flows in through the top of your head and rocks slow and gentle down, down, down to your toes and into the Earth.

When you feel full of the light pure an bright both white and indigo I want you to ask to see this light or this chakra. envision the chakra as a ball of light or a lotus bud and see if it is opening or beginning to bloom. Set your intentions if you have them now for which if any gifts you would like to have and work towards. If there are none, it is okay to ask that they be safe and protected until and if the time comes that you are ready.

Now, gently reach inside the white light and take a piece of the star and place it back into the twilight sky. You can use this light to cleanse and restore whenever you want to. You may also change your intentions to develope or simply protect your gifts at any time.

Light is never diminished, especially white light. Use the white light – still and always within you – to protect you. Set you intention now to only be open to loving experiences that will benefit you to your greatest good and greatest potential.

Take a deep breath and open your eyes when you are ready.


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