Blue – Communication

Blue is the colour that governs over communication. The chakra is located right at your throat. A strong bright blue in chakra and souls shows a strong comminicator which may also vary in style from person. Look at their other chakra colours for hints inside that field of blue.

A few sparkles of yellow shows someone who communicates with a lot of emotions. Red is perhaps very loud and ego based and closed minded communicator or oppositely one who is well grounded- you may need to double check with your angels and guides or a tool like a pendulem. Green or magenta sparkles is someone who speaks from the heart and with love as a filter. Orange sparkles show someone who I very comfortable about communication all their needs in their sexual/sensual situations.

Communication in front of large groups such as for public speaking this is a difference you also have to confirm, but the most brilliant of blues, there is no difference, they are strong in all situations. Only experience can give you that level of comfort in telling the difference.

Meditation for Blue

If you haven’t already, please do the meditations for red, orange, yellow and green before beginning this one.

Get comfortable, grab a glass of water and give youself some uninterrupted time.
Breathe in and out and let any tension fall away. Water will be the element we will be using to clear.  Envision a pure white cloud above you and as you continue to breathe, a gentle warm rain starts to fall upon you. The rain is blue light and it fals down and starts to wash through, cleansing and restoring blue light from the violet at the top of your head, then through the indigo at your eye level. It clears and fills your thrat chakra, it will take the longest here, where blue meets blue and needs blue the most.

Let the blue flow from that pure white cloud through your, green, yellow, orange and red chakra and soul lights. Let the blue fill you with the confidence to speak when you need to – you speak where you need to and you may always find the words you need to speak with clarity.

The rain slows and stops and the white cloud drifts away in a pure blue sky with golden sunlight drying the rain as you feel warm an refreshed.

Now take a seed of blue and white light and place them at the centre of your being. allow light to fill them out and around you protecting you in a large protective bubble as large as you feel you need.

When your ready open your eyes and know you have all the strength and power you need to communicate well.
Much love.


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