Green – Love Infinity

If you soul is very green, it’s the colour of love and the colour of a healer. Why? Because love is the most powerful of healing tools and very green souled people are very loving.  To the extreme if the other colours of their soul/chakra colours are not as bright they may be giving of their love to their own detriment. Such as people who let themselves be used and abused by the ones they love – because they love them so much and so unconditionally. But it is never healthy to love someone more than they respect you, even if they are your children.  Love has to be a cycle of giving and receiving, and so it is with the green light (the heart chakra,) that the only way for it to stay healthy is for it to be a constantly flowing energy. All life knows this cycle the four seasons of change, and relationships are like this some love (growth) doesn’t survive the winter, but the beauty of the spring and summer is not less without it. Love grows continuously and always wins, even around parts that do not and parts that are pruned or harvested.

Another interesting thing to note is that magenta is also a heart chakra colour. And I’m not sure what the difference is, it just seems that magenta is the next level of love all are green but there are varying levels of magenta mixed in – it’s stronger and deeper and I’ll see magenta more often if I’m looking at relationships – such as one between a mother  or father and his or her child vs. an aunt or uncle and their neice or nephew. There may sometimes be a stronger bond between a parent. Don’t disvalue – green love bonds they are just as deep – and some parents never reach magenta levels either. It’s simply an observation that I know without a doubt that the bond between those those two people is one where one is willing to die for the other. It’s very, very deep and strong and may not always be reciprocated.

How do you look at a relationship bond did you ask? Well I’ll tell you regardless. In my minds eye, I’ll pull forward both souls. I’ll note their overall colour then ask to see the bond that is their relationship. I’ll take what I’m shown and read it using each of the chakra colors to see where the strengths are in the relationship what colours are brightest? It is mainly a physical one? ->Red or Orange? Is it an emotional one full of lots of ups and downs?->Yellow  Is it full of love? -> Green. Is it one where one is so deeply connected at a heart level they would die for one another? ->Magenta or green with lots of magenta Perhaps it is a very steamy relationship with lots of passion and love. -> Orange and Green.  There are many variation and if you think one fits always ask your angels or guides for a confirmation. I wouldn’t place any of these descriptions on the relationship without double checking. Alway try and use two tools to read another person or a relationship. I use Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. (Did I spell that right? I apologize if I didn’t.) But when you’re new to reading other’s its easy to make a mistake or misread. I laugh because most of what I do is playing charades with angels, spirits and guides. Try to tell that to someone without getting a ‘your crazy’ look from anyone outside of spiritual circles! ha ha. Clairsentience is just how I physically receive yes answers from my personal guides. They can vary from guide to guide and angel to angel but the same touch is consistent from one. Archangel Michael likes to touch my heart, Archangel Uriel likes to touch my right arm and he brushes the backs of my hands as I type things he likes.  

Your green chakra is located at the centre of your chest where your heart is. I see and feel things here, I can often feel someones heartache if they’ve just had their heart broken or lost someone. I can feel heart attacks from a spirit who passed that way. I can feel surges of love. Green is a very responsive and active colour to work with, it’s definately one of my favourits to work with.

Green Meditation Love Infinity

If you haven’t already please do the previous meditations or ones of your own for red, orange and yellow. This meditation is meant to be part of a progressive meditation for all seven of the main chakra/soul colours. Thank you for your understanding. We hope to achieve balanced chakra at the end and it is never good to work on one to the exclusion of all the rest.

Take the time to get comfortable. Get yourself a glass of water and get settled in a wonderful and warm environment. Green is the fourth chakra and falls right in the middle of all seven. It’s a balancing one between the physical and the spiritual side of yourself. The green can receive positive energy from both directions, down to the core of Mother Earth and up to the Heaven from Sister Sun and Brother Moon. This is what we are going to do tonight. First start to breathe in and out and let your breathe come to an even and steady rhythm.

Shake all the tension out of your body from head to toe.

With your mind I want you to place a seed of brilliant emerald green light at the centre of your chest. Breathe in and out and feel it grow. Allow it to expand outwards in all directions and as it does it pushes out all things negatively affecting your heart. Its light is filling in any holes that need to be filled and healing them.

Breathe in and Out and let the bubble of green light fill your whole body and out to fill the whole room. You can grow this bubble up and out to include your loved ones and friends, it can wrap around the whole world if you wish and this is why.

I want you to imagine a second seed at the centre of your hear and I want you to grow it to the size that would fit in the palm of your hand and i want you to take a few minutes to let the light become stronger, so strong that it turns magenta. I want you to put all the love you have and are grateful for into this ball. You’re not giving it away, that is impossible, but we are going to set it in motion.

First send it down. Send it deep into the bowels of Mother Earth. To her hot churning core and thank her for all that she has given you. She will send it back to you and you will hold it again in your heart for a few moment.

When you are ready again I want you to send the ball of love up into the skies to touch the loving energy of the sun or the moon. Again the ball will be sent back to you. But each time you receive the love you gave, it has grown a little, perhaps brighter or a little bigger in size. Did you notice something?

Look at the number 8. This is the infinity sign and this is the path your love follows with your heart as a centre. You can send your love in the the direction we just sent it to recharge your heart and to heal it with the help and love of all the world and universe that supports you. It can flow always and never be apart from you. It can travel in a figure 8.

To heal, if you need to heal issues of your heart I want to you take the ball and this time send it behind you and let your love and gratitued flow through all things in your past. You have the power to heal all of these things. Then send it on the other side of that loop to your future so that you will always be mindful of the most loving paths to follow. For yourself and for others. The centre is always you, here in the present.

Experiment with this ball of love for a while. It never leaves, it is always a part of you. Love weaves in and out of your past, present and future. It is part of the earth and the sky. You’re love is something transcends all things.

When you feel you are fully charged and have brightened your entire green as bright as it is possible at the present time, grow a seed of white light from the inside out and around you. Set your intentions for this light to protect you and all your light as you heal. Ask that it only allow positive and loving energies to flow freely through to you and outwards to all.

Many blessings to you all. I wish you all much love!



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