Yellow is the colour of the day. It is the colour of sunshine and joyful things and this makes perfect sense for the yellow part of your soul (solar plexus chakra.) When you think of your yellow think of sunshine and the bright and cheerful flowers like Daffodils, Buttercups, and daisies. A bright and sunny yellow is a balance in you or the person you’re reading – but yellow also connects to the part of you body where emotions manifest. Every feel sick to your stomach over something? Anxiety, stress, manifests in your yellow. I often see yellow as an ocean and if it’s heaving I know that this soul is out of balance an it’s making them physically ill. I can see the black wavy lines that are cramps or just a plain old sore stomach. When you’re excited but nervous, you feel the butterflies in your yellow. Yellow tends to be stronger in very emotionally strong people – every meet someone who wears their heart on their sleeve? The person who get excited like no one else but also gets upset, their emotions at times are like a rollercoaster. They feel things very deeply and have to be sure all their chakra are in balance so they don’t over-react.


For the purpose of this meditation I will assume you have been doing each meditation in order. If you haven’t done them already, please do a meditation with your red and orange before proceeding with this one. (see the two previous blogs.)

Get in a comforatble position and start to breathe in and out. let your worries fall away and shake out each body part starting at your feet, up your legs, thighs, hips, butt, torso, fingers wrists, arms and shoulders and neck. Breathe in and out and let your worries fall away.

Now I want you to imagine that it is a beautiful sunny day, you are sitting in a field of beautiful flowers. You can smell their sweetness mixed with the scent of the earth and the grass. Breathe in and out let yourself sink into peace.

As you sit or lie in the field I want you to feel the warmth of th sunlight shining down you can feel the yellow light warm your skin and I want you to allow it to fall upon you like drops of rain. It’s warm and it’s soak right through you, right through your body. Each drop wraps around any dust that has settled on your yellow, the beautiful yellow sunshine fills in any places where your soul needs more yellow light.

The excess rain of sunshine runs in rivers down your body and onto the ground carrying all the negativity, dust, pain, stress and anything that needs to be healed with it. It is absorbed but the Earth who is happy to help transmute all this energy into new growth around you.

Sit there until you feel a warm glow in the centre of your stomach. You’re entire being from head to toe is going to be glowing the way sunshine glows. You are going to feel absolutely wonderful and refreshed. You have full control over you emotions always and you will work the release the negative ones and focus on the ones that make you been exhilirated and joyful to be alive.

When you feel like you are radiating as bright as the beautiful sun I want you to take a seed of white light and place it at the centre of your soul and grow it out and around yourself protecting your light and holding it in.  Protecting your joy and only permitting joyful energy to penetrate to you.

Take a deep breathe and enjoy and appreciate this field. Send gratitude to the Earth, to the Sun and to all the plants in the field. When you are ready open your eyes and enjoy the rest of your day with the wonderful glow that others will surely notice.


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