Orange is the colour of passion and traditionally called the Sacral Chakra. It’s where you look for a healthy sexuality and where you may see problems in both men and women that pertain to those female/male reproductive parts. Where people associate their passion with a lot of love I often see a lot of green (heart chakra colour) I think it’s important to mention that when I see a chakra colour I differ in how I see it from other people who read chakra specifically (I read soul) Where others might see a specific wheel of energy located just below the belly button. I only feel it’s location but I see the colour as a part of the whole soul. I only see it as a separate colour because I have intended and requested to see it for the purposes of doing my readings or figuring out where stuff is. My mind’s eye uses the colour coding to keep what I’m seeing organized as well as keeping what I see consistent.

You don’t have to see any chakra or colour the same way as others see them. You need to work out a way of doing readings and balancing out your full body, spirit and soul that resonates with you in a positive way and I found that following the basic structure of chakra helped me to decode what I was seeing and yes, it happens to relate pretty close to the usual definitions you can search online. It just makes it easier for others to understand what I see too because if they have studied chakra in any way they will have a basic grasp of it already.

Now, back to orange — I very rarely see orange anywhere else in the soul. Orange is often stronger in a male oriented soul than a female soul because men tend to be a little more sexual in nature and woman a little more emotional (I’ll be talking about yellow tomorrow.) But certainly there are exceptions where there is little difference between the orange and the next colour (yellow) which is really what I love to see. Someone who is equally sexually happy and healthy AND emotionally healthy and happy.

Meditation for Orange

If you haven’t already done it, please go back and do the meditaiton for red before you begin to work on other colours. It is not advised to ever work on one colour to the exclusion of all others, We want to achieve balance and so we need to work the colours as a whole which we will be building up to all of them in one meditation but I’m going to assume that each person is doing these meditations in sequence in seven consecutive days.

Take a deep breath and get comfortable. A glass of water is always nice to have nearby and if need to at any point, such as when you feel distracted take a sip. Water has a lot of cleansing and calming qualities.

Close your eyes and sit quietly for a while and breathe away all the stress from your body. Shake out any parts that are tense and relax and begin to imagine a tiny seed of brilliant orange light at the centre of your being.

Orange is your passion for all things, life, love and sensuality. It’s all part of being a healthy and whole soul.  As you continue to breathe start to breathe  a steady stream of orange light into the seed and allow it to grow and grow.

As it grows it pushes all negativity out which is then burnt and blows away – back to source.

The orange seed should begin to gently turn in a clockwise direction. Breathe in and out and let it turn and keep filling it with with each breath. You don’t have to know where the light is coming from. It comes and is gathered for you by the angels and guides, from sunlight and moonlight and Earth energy. It is positive and uplifting and you may feel your entire being getting warmer.

An orange soul doesn’t look at the things they love to do regretfully, orange is about fully committing to what brings you the most joy, happiness and peace. Orange is about connecting with others as well and trust in both yourself and others. Having a strong orange can feel risky but think of exhiliration and abandoned inhibitions of what’s proper. Instead, orange is about primal desires in all parts of your life. Are you using your passion in your love life, your career, your schooling, your hobbies? Are you doing what you are passionate about? Take a moment to reset you intentions and desires for this lifetime as you meditate with orange. Orange is about you having enough ego to speak up about what you want and the courage to go ahead and ask for it.

With love as a guide ask for what you want now, either outloud or in your mind. Ask for guidance and assistance to achieve balance in your orange.  Achieve your greatest potential for the greatest love and joy in this lifetime.

Let the orange turn and if you see any dark or empty parts place another seed at the centre and grow it outwards again and again until you feel your orange is as bright as a glowing ember warming your soul from the inside out.

Then place a seed of white light and grow it around you and the orange and set the intention to seal in and protect this light.

The meditation is complete. Breathe and repeat the cleansing and brightening steps until you feel refreshed and calm. The healing and activation of chakra can sometimes cause any old unhealed issues in those areas to resurface over the next few days.  If this happens be gentle with yourself and with others, let yourself cry, vent, heal and take action in some meaningful and loving way (talk to someone, journal etc.) to reclaim your power to be joyful, peaceful and happy in every way.

Have a lovely day!




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