It’s so important to ground. Red or the Root Chakra is the place to start this. It is the core of all that you do spiritually. Red is a very physical colour. It’s as important as the blood in your veins. Red. Red is an energy centre located at the base of your spine. It has roots that extend downward the centre of the Earth and you draw in Earth energy through this colour. It’s a quiet and deep power, and also very ancient. When I look at soul and I see someone who is very red I know I am looking at someone who knows their place in this physical world. They are strong and deeply rooted themselves.

On the negative side this may mean that they are closed to all things outside of themselves. They have a very narrow perspective so are often less open to spiritual things or things outside of their comfort zones. They resist change and love the stability of predictability. You need red at different times, for instance if I were to look at a relationship bond – I would want to see a strong and bright red that would show a deep commitment and sureness of purpose with each other. 

When I look at people I can direct my psychic lenses to see different things. I can look at you at a whole. I can look at you and your relationship with a parent and a sibling and each blend of colours that I would see would be different as I pass through a lense of the full spectrum of the rainbow. If you want a soul reading from me, I do readings for $5 at the price is far less than the actual workI put into it, but I haven’t moved towards having a site of my own and I’m not reading as a part of any psychic sites – I simply want to help anywhere and anyone I can. And I feel the right people will be drawn to me wherever i am. (My username is divinestarlight)

Meditation for Red:

Take a deep breathe and get comfortable. So may people worry about lotus positions and all kinds of ritual based procedures to meditate properly – but intention is most important. There are safer ways to connect and meditate spiritually but no wrong ways to go about it as long as you use light, love and positive energy as your guide. Your intention carries out your desires while meditating that is why intention is so important – more important than following someone elses script, even mine.

As you are settling I want you to imagine red as a tiny seed at the centre of your being.

Breathe in and out until you feel, see or sense this seed of pure red light. It feels warm and comforting.  Allow yourself to relax and let the waves of calmness settle over you with each breath. Shake out each limb and body part until you are fully relaxed. This meditaion should take as long as you need.

The seed of red light starts to sparkle and you can feel it start to turn slowly in a clockwise direction.

With each breath I want you to breathe more red light into the seed. It will sparkle and crackle in a warm and relaxing way. and as it grows it will push out all negative energy from your entire body and soul. As darkness of any type touches the edges it will be burnt up or will move back and permanently out of you – body and soul – all of your being.

Keep breathing and let the red light grow bigger and more full. Let the seed grow until it is as big as the room or space that you’re in and you are inside. allow it to filter through those you love and anyone you love in the same way. Light will never harm.

I want you to reach down to the floor or the ground with your hand or your feet and feel the secure firmness of the Earth that supports you. 

I want you to think about how grateful you are to the Earth for the support for the physical presence that supports your life, your feet a place to walk on this Earth. I want you to gather a ball of love and gratitude and hold it inside of you and send the ball of love and gratitude to the Earth, rooted in the red light.

I want you to send down roots and as you breathe I want you to feel the love and gratitude return to you. The colour red and the Earth that grounds us, wants nothing more than to support us and the Earth is so grateful to be acknowledged that any gift of love and gratitude will be returned tenfold or more.  

Red is a ball of power and light that you carry with you always. Use your other senses to determin if you qualities you reflect through your own red are positive and helpful to your life. Allow the red light to heal the areas you wish to heal and allow the healing power of the light you have called forth the help you to free your red light to it’s brightest and most loving potential. A clear and bright red brings forth the most positive aspects of red at your Root Chakra. The more often you meditate with red light the less of a difference you will see between your own red light and the pure and bright light you bring in. A perfectly balanced red chakra will be brilliant from beginning to finish in this meditation. 

Set the intention to ground yourself in the things most important that will bring you the greatest sense of joy, love and peace. Ask for help from angels and guides and God to release anything that needs to be released and help you with any changes that need to happen. Set your intentions with love and light and seal your entire being with another protective bubble of white light that will protect you as you work with the energy of the red light.

The red light may make you feel dizzy, take the time you need to readjust. When we first active chakra and the colours of our body and soul sometimes it’s a lot like cracking the shell of an egg and our bodies need time to adjust to new energy.  Repeat the meditation each day alone or as part of all your chakra meditations until you feel it is clear and bright and try not to move onto other chakra in exclusion of the others. Red is for today and you should work towards doing them all in succession every time you meditate. We will work up to and add the next colour as the week goes on.

Your red chakra is now clear and grounded and you are shielded with white light.

Enjoy the rest of your day and come back tomorrow to work on the orange chakra.



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