Day 25 – I AM Goofy

IMG_00000208Let’s see, today I am wearing a plain black T-Shirt with a long black lace skirt and peeking out from underneath is a pair of cow slippers! That’s why I claim the I AM Goofy label for myself today. Laughter is so healing and so is doing something you like just because you like it. Because really, who am I trying to impress as I sit here in my house? I may not go out like this, but if someone really needed a laugh I just might.

I tell the worst jokes but I can turn almost anything into something worth giggling over. I pick pillow fights all the time and just for the simple joy of the unexpected look of astonishment on their faces. I am proudly goofy! It means I have so much confidence in who I am that I don’t have to pretend to be anything less. I can laugh at a ridiculous pun for days… like have you ever seen the T-Rex posters?

And goofy means that it’s refers to ME! I don’t get my laughs at other people’s expense cause that would make me rude (not that I haven’t been rude from time to time but hey, I’m human and I’m working on the judgmental labels remember?) But goofy means that I’m not afraid to play with my kids and tell knock-knock jokes because eventually someone WILL laugh at them if just because of the enthusiasm you tell it with! Best goofy joke I heard recenlty was from my cousins son, he said, “Nadine, how do you spell icup?”

“Icup? Oh I-C-U…. dooooooh!”

There is nothing wrong with being goofy, it reminds everyone that we’re on this planet to have fun, to not take life so seriously. Laughter is healing and being silly and goofy encourages others too. Laughter and mirth is contageous. I am goofy because it balances my life – can’t always be serious and loving and responsible. Waterpistols in the house? Meh. Spaghetti on the ceiling? Done it. Letting your kids do your makeup? Well at least I have an excuse! ha ha!

I may not be straight up funny, but I think goofy is a better fit. I’m naturally goofy. I AM Goofy and I plan to stay that way. 😛

T-Rex hugs funny animals comics picture


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