Day 24 – I AM Infinate

As I get close to the end of the months I find my personal labels are dwindling. I’m down to the nitty gritty of what and who I am.

I AM infinate. This means that I have unlimited potential and I am more than just this physical body here on Earth. This means that all labels and none of the labels I’ve already deconstructed and either claimed or rejected fit me entirely. Infinate means, I’m not afraid. Please don’t take this label as an expression of ego, because I define all of us as infinate even if you have not come to realize it for yourself yet. There is none higher or lower in this scale, we all are espressions of the same infinate essence. We are all beautiful.

I’m not going to get into a discussion of God or religon here. I am not challenging the powers and beliefs of either. But here are a couple things I believe are infinate:

  • God
  • Love

To say that I am infinate means that I allow both to BE a part of me. It’s not a power struggle. It’s not verses in a book. To be infinate is to simplify all things down to it’s essence. The things that will last far beyond this lifetime are the parts of me that are infinate. God and Love. The rest is just a physical vessel and physical experiences.

I AM infinate. And I’m still exploring and defining what that means. It’s kind of a new label for me, one that I have hesitated to claim but, the more I learn the more I feel it is true and the more I want to help others find infinate truths for themselves even if their truth isn’t the same as what I believe. Each belief serves a purpose in our lives. Each lifetime serves a different purpose and it’s not always to realize how infinate you are, but it is always to love and find love and joy and peace – to seek and understand God on terms that bring you the greatest love and joy and peace even if that truth for you is that you don’t believe in God. It means judgement falls away with greater and greater ease along with the desire to please others instead of the essence of who we are as individuals.



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