Day 23 – I AM a slob

I am a slob. If you were to define my house you might politely describe it as lived-in or cluttered. This is a label I’ve fought most of my life, slob, clutter-queen, disorganized and it often looks like  a tornado hit the inside of my house. However the label doesn’t fully fit either, as is my usual route, I have a few exceptions to my bad habit.

1) I like my kitchen and bathroom clean. So, I don’t have a months worth of dirt and grim where I seat my tush nor is there a health risk to my family from either room. They still gets cluttered but I’ll move piles to clean under and around them often.

2) I value time with my family over spending my whole day cleaning. Well that’s very true but I also value time on the computer, and actually doing things. Like painting, crafting and playing music. I’m a doer and I’m a procrastinator – so if there isn’t a very good reason to clean it up now such as expected company  coming or something gross that I can’t live with – will there is a good chance it’ll stay put.

I almost always have piles of laundry on my love seat – only because the mountain never seems to shrink even after seven loads and a whole morning folding and putting it away. I take this  as an indication that my kids do indeed have clean clothes to wear, they just may not be put away yet.

Some might suggest that my famiy should help me. And I’m afraid that the help of a five and eight year old is well… just a small help. They are getting more and more responsible which is nice but my husband well, although he claims that if he were single he’d have an immaculate I was away for 3 weeks this summer and I’d beg to differ. So what happens when two slobs get married and have kids? Well you have a mother who copes the best she can, who tries to clean one room per week to impressively clean and tidy standards, but the rest, well they will probably never all be clean at once, but I’ve tried to stop letting it bother me. I would get anxious when people showed up, like my house was a horror show. But really… my house is not the death trap, we have a bunny and a cat and a fish, two kids, a husband who is a mechanic and a musician, and a mother who is an artist and responsible for pretty much everything all at once. I focus on the living things first and if you have a problem with it you’re welcome to come and help me one day.

I AM a slob – but my value is not in how clean my house is. Perhaps it also makes me bad at managing my time or be seen as a lack of pride in my home. But my kids are where my true pride lies. And they take their plates to the sink right after meals, they sweep the floors and know to hang up their coats. They are responsible for their own rooms most of the time. I figure some day my life may be so boring that I have nothing to do but clean and tidy or maybe I’ll one day live alone so that what get’s cleaned stays clean for longer than 48 hours. Actually, I hope that day never comes. I simply need to hire someone to help me once in a while or I need to wait a few more years until the kids have less stuff and can help clean up even more. Until them I’m okay with being a slob and it doesn’t bother me. It’s not negative because I won’t allow the label to limit me and I won’t use it as an excuse to make sure the imporant stuff is done… eventually.


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