Day 22 – I AM a Spiritual Rocker Chick

I am a rocker chick. This is evident in the fact that I spent the greater part of my even last night and as often as possible listening to live music in a dingy bar last night. Not because i drink. I do, but the weekly partying days are long past. I go now, for the pure enjoyment of music. It’s has to be rock, it has to be loud and it has to be good. I have a great ear for music, if your guitar is out of tune or your harmonies are off I’m going to notice and if you don’t clip your strings and keep the fingerprints  polished up and off your insturment I’m going to be irked. My husband is a drummer and I LOVE to hear his band in my basement. My children have been raised in the noise that is rock n’ roll. They slept like babies because to them – music was normal. Perhaps that contributed to my daughter’s love of song. She sings every hour that she is awake in a day.

I’m not bothered by either part of this label, rocker or chick. I don’t find either offensive or off-putting because neither is used in a derogatory way. I self-identify as a chick. It simply means I’m female and more than just that it means I can strut my stuff with the best of them. Them being other rockers.

Now, I have to admit I’ve had issues with this label and reconciling it with being a spiritual person. You see, I looked at the things I was being drawn to and I was not seeing me as someone who fit into a spiritual world. I didn’t look the part when I was doing something I loved. I kind of thought I had to be one or the other and never at the same time. But over the summer I had and epiphany. As I sat in the crowd at a very big rock festival, I felt my vibrations rise up to levels where I was so open and joyful and peaceful and I heard the voice of an angel above the noise of the festival. And there in that moment I cried. I had been trying to speak to Archangel Michael for many months – but I had never achieved an actual chairaudient connection which had frustrated me to no end. But it was there that I heard an angel for the first time.

Now, the discussion we had was one where he answered a few questions for me and helped me to understand my place in this world. I CAN be a rocker chick AND be a spiritual leader. Why? Because it’s part of my role to crack open that stereotype of what a ‘spiritual person’ looks and acts like. It is part of my path to help make it something bigger, something more available to people like me. Rock n’ Roll is full of dark things – think of all the coolest rock logos you’ve seen, they are full of grim reapers, guns, skulls, blades and demons.  Rock has had a history of praising darkness and spitting in the face of religon.

But look again. how much passion does it take to produce that sound? When a three or six piece band click, the harmonies and magic that happens is the same as what happens in the finest Symphony Orchestra. There IS not difference when a band can make a stage and a whole stadium vibrate on the same level. When you go to church you also have to discerne what rings true to your soul and the same in rock n’ roll. Every sermon and every song is NOT going to resonate with you. But the ones that do have the power to make magic happen. To raise your vibration into a level that is closer to heaven to make you feel better when you’re sad or depressed – where you can communicate with angels or be inspired to dance and sing like there are no problems greater than choosing the next song. If you are a light person, you can be a light person wherever you are and wherever you go. You can be spiritual and love to thrash and headbang.

I don’t have to and won’t change who I am to be a more spiritual person, to take on a spiritual leadership role. I can inspire and help other exactly like I am. Rock n’ Roll is not a gimmick, it is truth and light for me.

I AM a Spiritual Rocker Chick and your identity is what you decide it is, don’t be afraid to be who you are in it’s entirety.


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