Day 20 – I AM a Cat-Person


I am a cat-person. And you won’t believe the range of reactions you can get from that statement! Being a cat-person doesn’t mean you dislike dogs exactly it just means you prefer the company of a cat. And it has a lot to do with your identity and your lifestyle. This is why I’m a cat person:

1) I like to travel and don’t want to pay for a kennel or a sitter. Cats are perfectly content to be home alone and use their litter box. Which makes owning a cat a little easier. They are independent and don’t need or want much company. Which is fine with me.

2) I don’t like picking up dog poop. I mean who does? But at least cats poop in all in one concentrated area, and I’m not likely to step in it when I’m out on the lawn in my bare feet. Gross, gross and grosser!

3) I’m too lazy to walk a dog every day – surely this would be good for my health but when it’s -30 degrees Celsius out – I’ll curl up with the cat and just laugh at all the dog walkers shivering their way down the street, thank you very much!

4) I can’t stand needy people – why would I sign up for a needy pets? Now, that needs to be in context of a continuous neediness and I work hard to help people be independent. I fully understand that there are times when we all get needy and I will never turn a friend away who needs to be needy for a while – people ARE different but I’m a better cheerleader than a hand holder. I have far more patience for people than animals. I love my cuddly cat who sleeps at the end of my bed and keeps my feet warm at night. She has her moments. And I love her purrs – I read somewhere that purrs are in a healing frequency. I certainly do feel better when I’m sick and she comes and purrs beside me.

5) I think that the personality of a cat is more like me than a dog. Aloof – takes the world in on their own terms. Doesn’t take any crap from anyone – snuggly and loving at times, not against sleeping in the sun and doing absolutely nothing and they have a wicked playful side. If I were more athletic maybe I’d appreciate a dog more, but I’m not.

6) Dogs are stinky – wet dog smell sucks. I’ll take my cat who can bath herself – thank you very much!

7) Less expensive – from vet to food and toys – cats win. Unless you have a small dog but I can’t stand most small dogs.

8) Barking, howling, digging and jumping. I’ll take my purring and occasionally meowing cat please.

9) Dog bites. I’ve been bitten by a dog – a little one my great-grandmother owned because i accidentally stepped on his tail when I was a kid. And a big one who would have ripped a chunk out of my hand if I hadn’t had a ring on – he bit it in half. If I had a dog he/she would be well trained and socialized. Something I haven’t had the time for.

10) Dogs don’t hunt mice. This is a key role of my kitty Princess, she is good at keeping rodents out of our house and she thankfully doesn’t leave them all over the place and I have NEVER seen her hurt or hunt birds at all. Each cat is different but mine is purrrrrfect.

So… being a cat-person makes dog-people defensive. They point out their loyalty and unconditional love of a dog – but a dog will love anyone who is kind to them.  And there are many dogs I’ve loved over the years but very few I’d ever want in my home.

A cat person is special – the cat chooses you. And they know who the like – they have intuition – so much stronger than a dog – perhaps why they are so often associated with witches. Cats are very smart  and intuitive – like me – and if you get a smart cat to love you, you know there’s a good reason -like me. If you have a good vibe that they are attracted to they will approach you. A dog just wants to belong, wants to be part of the pack. Cat people are not afraid to be unique to live outside of the norm.  I am like my cat and she is like me in many ways.

My cousin has a cat and she talked and talked about how Kairi didn’t like anyone – no one except her. Said she runs away from everyone or just glares at them from a distance. I walked in and she was starting to repeat this story when Kairi – the doesn’t like anyone cat – snuggled up to me and demanded to be pet and picked up. My cousin was dumbfounded and half heartedly scolded Kairi for making a liar out of her. To this day she like her owner and she likes me – and that’s about it.

Cat’s choose you and make you feel special. That’s why I am a cat person and will be for many years to come.


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