Day 18 – I AM a student

This follows in line with my last post. Every great teacher is also a great student and growth requires that you alway learn and grow. I am a student, because I don’t have an ego that says “I know it all already.” I have the knowledge that says my mind is always open to another opinion, another perspective and I’m always seeking the next thing. When I am finally the master at one thing, I start all over again as a student of another thing.

I think that this is the purpose of life. To explore our curiosity, then teach about it only to become curious about something else, something more than ourselve. the Cyclical motion of exploring, learning and teaching is what has made evolution possible! It’s what brings unrelated ideas together into new innovative things. This is something I’ve come to learn over the course of my life. I have always loved to learn.

I am a student and hope to always have the curiosity to learn new things.


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