Day 17 – I AM a teacher

I am a teacher, I have always felt very comfortable in a teaching role. I enjoy being a leader and I’m good at it. That does not mean I fit into all the stereotypes of charismatic and egotistical. I feel like being a teacher and a leader – for me is balance out but my keen listening skill. I do my best to learn something thoroughly beforeĀ  begin to teach it. I want it to feel good and be the best lessons they can be and if someone else is better at teaching a certain thing I don’t mind stepping back and letting them teach and learning from them in the process.

I feel the best teachers are the ones who are continously learning and the ones who listen to the needs of their students. I feel this is a positive role for me and something I aspired to be from Grade One. I have the drawing! It is also something I’ve hesitated to do often enough. This goes back to my last post of my need to work on my ‘enough’ confidence. I am smart enough, knowlegable enough, charismatic and caring enough to teach about the things I am passionate about. I learned this from may wonderful teachers in my past and many wonderful supporters who supported me and all that I’ve done.

I am a teacher and I hope to teach more often.


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