Day 16 – I AM Enough

Enough is such a big label because it is added to so many other words. I am working on this:

I am smart enough.

I am strong enough.

I know enough.

I care enough.

To accomplish the thing I want to do. This is defined only by myself and is reinforced by my family, friends and society at large. I feel pressure on all sides but mostly from my own ego that. It’s my ego that tells me,

“You’re not smart enough to do that.”

“You don’t know enough about that to teach it.”

“You’re not dedicated enough,”

“You’re not charismatic enough.”

I alway feel like someone else is more qualified than I am.

So, why do I do this to myself? What is the root of doubt, what make me stop and second guess things? Like wanting to teach spiritual classes or start that website, or finish that book. What makes me give all the power to others and not claim it for myself in all situations. It’s the ‘enough’ identity that hold me back and I need to start a daily mantra that says, “I am enough of whatever I need to be, to succeed at whatever I can dream.” I am sending loving light to all the issues where I don’t feel like I’m enough and asking my angels and guides to help me to not see my limitations but see all the places were I’m more than enough.

I AM enough.

I am enough.

I’m enough.


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