Day 14 – I AM beautiful

130905-192817I could lessen it and say I’m pretty but no, I feel beautiful and this is okay. It’s not vanity to recognize and claim this label for myself. Beauty is more than a photograph in a magazine – an idealized portrait of societies standards of beauty. I am beautiful because I ‘feel’ beautiful even with all my imperfections. And because my husband tells me so every day. And my parents told me growing up that I was beautiful. That’s so important. It’s important to tell people they are beautiful and to say it sincerely.

You’re so beautiful when you laugh. You’re so beautiful when your angry. You’re so beautiful curled up on the couch with your hair a mess, no make-up on and in your pyjamas.  You’re beautiful with a scruffy beard your dirty old work clothes on. You’re not beautiful because of your looks, you’re beautiful because I love you. And love is so powerful. Love sees the inside too.

Beautiful things are thing that make you want to spend time with them. Like going into a beautiful garden… you want to be there because somehow that garden brings peace and joy to your being, it makes your heart swell and your worries fade away. That is what true beauty is and I claim this label. Beauty is a feeling of wanting be there until the end of time, in those moment where the presence of another life, another person, place or things makes you feel love swell. I am beautiful to others and others are beautiful to me. I want to spend forever with the beautiful ones in my life.

I’ve redefined beauty because this is how I’ve come to understand it.

I am beautiful and you are too.


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