Day 13 – I AM Clairvoyant

It took me a while to get to this one, and I think it has a lot to do with the struggle to fit in. The statement, I am clairvoyant is charged with all kinds of skepticism and ridicule. Or demands for a reading or tell me about my future requests. I’m not a fortune teller.  I could have been more general and simply said I am psychic. But I like a term that better defines the ‘how’ of what I am.  And not to say that it excludes other things but clairvoyance is a great strength.

Clairvoyance means I can see things that are not in my physical space. Sometimes I see actual physical places and things. Like a specific landmark that has meaning for someone or a health issue, or other people and things that have meaning for the people I read. Yes, I am clairvoyant because I took the time to develop this skill. I had volunteers who allowed me to connect to them for the purpose of practise and in exchange I used my budding gifts to help, guide, heal and encourage others. And I didn’t choose which psychic ability I wanted, it chose me and I listened intuitively.

By meditating I willed my senses to sense more. And because I was afraid at first I restricted my option to exclude mediumship, clairaudience (hearing.) I wasn’t ready to hear voices or see ghosts and spirits everywhere.  I worked with light, with chakras and with angels and I worked with the sacred medicines of my Ojibwe heritage. I worked on ground and shielding myself and I started to actually make things happen inside of myself, inside my brain. I see with eyes closed because it is the mind’s eye that looks, not my physical ones. I’m not a witch, nor do I cast spells or use any kind of outside help to achieve sight. Quieting the mind and manipulating my own energy and Divine energy to focus my sight is enough.  The process is so simple yet definitely not something to jump into blindly. lol Doesn’t that sound funny? What I mean is opening yourself up comes with risks and you can’t develop one skill without working on yourself as a whole.  A LOT of thing have changed for me over the last couple years and all for the better and all because I started to meditate and focus on healing and growing to my greatest potential – a potential that in all of us is infinite.

My first experiences were a lot like a movie screen in a theatre, a big white space and imprinted for a second on that screen was a single image. Like something in my imagination but when I told the person what I saw, it had meaning for them. And that is how it started.

I learned what it meant through reading a lot of books and sharing with a lot of spiritual online friends. I learned and practised to make connections stronger to understand that certain lines and colours meant the person was in pain or in love. I think it takes courage, even in this very enlightened age to claim a psychic ability for yourself.

I have others, but this was the first and this is the strongest. I connect from soul-to-soul with filters of love and light to protect us both. I only see what your soul wants to show me because your subconscious/higher-self knows what you need to work on, what you need to be reminded of and what will help you the most. If you have secrets I don’t necessarily see them unless you at some level want me to see them. And the images I see are mostly symbols, I often see emotions as weather, a storm or rough seas for anger and sunshine for joy. I’ll see animals and angels and guides. I have the challenging task of interpreting what I see clairvoyantly. I see a series of snap-shots and shuffle through them in a controlled fashion – I use the colours of the chakra to keep my readings structured. I try to see the images in relations to the greater structure of soul that is you.

I am working on claiming this label for myself, not as a limiting label, but as one that allows me to claim more as I grow and develop. I am finally strong enough in this one that I know I can defend my claims of what I see and what I know, I now have a history of successful and helpful readings for friends and strangers and as I further develop other psychic gifts I will claim them too. I am clairvoyant and I am working to become more and I am working to share this side of myself with others. I’m ready to come out of the spiritual closest.  I have been clairvoyant for almost 2 years now, at least in a controlled kind of way. I have always seen things but a gift like clairvoyance starts out very subtle and can easily be brushed aside unnoticed or as one you can’t repeat until you really work on it – like for many months. Perhaps you are clairvoyant too.

I am clairvoyant and so much more.


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