Day 12 – I AM Sarcastic


Straight answers can be so boring! Sarcasm is much more fun!

I am sarcastic and it often catches people by surprise. Perhaps it’s because I was a teenager in the 1990’s you know a lot of the sitcoms were pretty sarcastic. I come off as pretty nice, laid back and easy-going. I come off as nice. But I love how sarcasm is my secret weapon. It gives me an edge that people don’t expect. And I don’t usually use my sarcasm to hurt people, mostly I just fight back. Sometime I just have to say something – and sarcasm is what comes out. I might also be from growing up with brothers. I put up with a LOT of playful harassment. But it was that banter that made us close and it’s what makes some relationships fun.

Here’s an example: Someone suggests we rent a movie, I’ll say no then I’ll suggest we rent a movie and brag about how smart I am and what  good idea it is. Sarcasm is about harassing people in a good way a way that makes them laugh. It can get a little nasty and judgemental at times but I’d have to be in a really nasty mood for that to happen… but it think sarcasm also balances things out. It’s possible for someone to be TOO nice and TOO easy-going or TOO sensitive.

I got a compliment last year about how well my daughter handles sarcasm. She knows when people don’t mean what they are saying, she recognizes sarcasm and plays along and people love it! It makes her less sensitive to silly things and more assertive when she knows she is right.

It teaches my kids not to sweat the small stuff. And a lot of my sarcasm used to be followed by the word…. kidding! Which told them that I didn’t mean what I said – and from there they learned to read the facial cues – it has made them better at reading people’s body language. If they are in doubt they say.  “You’re kidding… right?” And I’ll usually fess up.

“Is Dad bringing home the chocolate chips we need to make my cookies?”

“What? Why not?”

“He said you’re never allowed to have chocolate chips ever again.” (Mock serious face.)

She’ll give me ‘the look’ back, you know with rolled eyes and scrunched up nose then happily walk away knowing  the chocolate chips are on their way. Or she’ll tell me straight up that “Yep, he’s bringing them.”

Don’t people NEED to be able to read body language? Intuition develops this way. So I stand up for the argument that I NEED to be sarcastic – at least some of the time. A time and a place for everything and all things in moderation. Unless you’re driving me nuts then I’m might just decide to turn the sarcasm right up until you surrender.

And besides I’m soooo funny when I’m sarcastic. lol


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