Day 11 – I Am An Optimist

I am an optimist. I want to see the best in everything and everyone. I think this is a positive label. It means I look for the good first. I give people every benefit of the doubt. I trust my intuition above anything else and there are some people and situations I avoid on vibe alone but sometimes negative things are simply misunderstood or have a deeper meaning than what you first realize. I’ve been car-less for nearly two weeks. The whiner in me complained a lot about being stuck at home but the optimist knew that it meant I didn’t spend unnecessary money, it meant I  into a job choice that isn’t right for me. If I had my car last week I might have already conceded to working at a fast food or retail place instead of for the fantastic job posting or entrepreneurial opportunity that I’m still sure the universe has in store for me. (I am picking up my repaired car tomorrow.)

I’m not sure where I learned this skill of optimism. I guess I can credit it to how often I put faith and energy into things working out and voila – they always have. I believe there is more truth in the Laws of Attraction then we allow ourselves to realize. And while I haven’t perfected the LoA yet, the optimist in me knows it’s possible. I credit the good childhood my parents gifted me and the loving friends and family I’ve had. I’ve had more good happen in my life than bad so it makes sense that I would always look for more good. This isn’t always true in people. Even others very close to me struggle to see the positive in the things around them and I have no idea what the cause of it is. Perhaps it comes down to your own self value and esteem. If believe you are good and deserving of love and good things, you have higher expectations.

And being an optimist doesn’t mean I see the good in every situation all the time. A miscarriage crushed me for months. But in  hind sight it brought me and my partner closer together, it heightened my feelings of how blessed I was to have my daughter a year later and it heightened my compassion for others – mostly because I’d been there.

The label ‘optimist’ is something I need to hold onto for myself more often and in more situations. I have my ‘down’ days but it’s the optimistic ones that really make the universe move and shift around me. Positive energy can do so much more than negative – that is why I will strive to keep this label.

I am an optimist.


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