Day 9 – I Am a Daughter

I am a daughter so that means I know what it is to have a family and parents who love me.  I am also the only daughter. I have two older brothers but both have moved to the other side of the country this means that all the responsabilities to be there for my parents is on me. Daughter means I’m the one who is there for each birthday and listening to my parents stories. Being a daughter is allowing someone to still treat me like a little girl. It also means I have to assert myself as a woman, a mother, an adult and try not to hurt any feelings in the process.

Being a daughter I also know what I want for my own daughter.  I know daughter had a personal meaning to each woman out there. The word from my parents mouth is often said with great pride – they ‘re bragging about something I’ve done or agreeing that yes, I’m ‘their’ daughter. The label ‘daughter’ still envokes a deep desire to please someone else. I want them to be proud of me and I want my daughter and son to know how proud I am of them.

Daughter is a good label.


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