Day 8 – I Am an Author

I am an author – and you may not believe how long it took to claim that title because there are so many people out there who want to look down at their nose at you and say, “No you’re not.” It was from other self published authors that taught me what the word meant and taught me that it’s not just an elite few who can use it. It’s not just all those famous names on those famous publishers book covers. I am an author because I write and I write well. My hard work deserves just as much credit as the next if my first  or tenth book is not a best seller, I am still an author because it is my job and my hobby. I am a paid professional – however underpaid I might be at present. It is my passion and only perseverance will see me be a successful author.

Ah ha! Do you see? That is the difference. I will not snub myself. There are enough contests that dis-allow self-published works in their entries. There are enough people who ask me how many books I’ve sold.  Or think I must be sitting on a fortune because I have a book for sale somewhere. I don’t owe anyone an explanation to be an author, I am an author, it’s simply a state of being. I don’t allow people to stick me into any one genre. I write what I feel, what I imagine, what I dream and what I want to express. I am an author and that’s what you do, you can’t be wishy-washy about a story, you have to commit to it and follow it through. And so I take the same approach to each book. They come alive as I write them. In the same way I am an artist – my natural talent lies in making the imagined to come to life to illustrate with words, many new experiences and ideas. I don’t have to give up my other labels to be an author. I am an author, an artist, a mother, a wife …

One thing I have noticed is how comfortable I am with this label. It’s not charged with a lot of history or bad experiences. I simply refuse to be called anything less.


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