Day 2 – I AM a Mother

Most commonly called, “Mommmmmmm!” from the other side of the house. As a mother I have taken full responsability for the raising of two beautiful children. As a mother I am a teacher, protector, warm-hug, cheerleader, chore issuing force to be reckoned with. Mother means that I am the one worried as I hold my child’s hand in the hospital or when they have a fever. I remember that swell of love I felt for each child as soon as I knew they were there inside of me. But the word mother is somewhat cold – I agree with the notion that anyone can be a mother but it takes a lot more work to be a mom or a mommy. Mom’s are the ones kissing boo-boos and not letting their kids give up the first time trying something new. Mom means that we often feel our kid’s pain deeper than they do. Mothers are often judged by the behaviour of their children. Mother are often lynched if they’re having an off day and happen to yell. I am not a perfect mother by any means but one thing I’ve learned through the course of my time as a mother is that we all do our best well at least I do and so did my mother.

No matter how I look at it, ‘mother’ is a powerful word. Mother Earth comes to mind and I think it suits me well, supporter of life. Sometimes it hurts but most of the time being a mother is the joy of wathing others grow and thrive and being there to support them when all they want to do is cry. Being a mother is loving someone else more than yourself. Being a mother means I have a front row seat to all their successes big and small and I can’t be prouder to be a mother than I am. Being a mother means I drop my own needs as soon as their are bigger and being a mother means that I need to sometimes escape to just be me without that title for a while.

It’s one of my favourite labels because it means I have my two kids who I wouldn’t trade for the world. It was scariest and more rewarding title and challenge I’ve ever taken on. It’s a role and identity I learned from a lot of good strong people including my own mother, grandmother, cousins, friends… mother is a community of experience as it needs to be because there are so many nuances to being a mother. Being a mother is only as limiting as I allow it to be, but being a mother has freed my heart like no other challenge.

Three cheers for all Moms, Mothers and Mommies out there.


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