Day 1 – I AM a Woman


I am a woman and this label is something I grew up with. And I’ve heard people suggest that the nature of Women and Men is something socialized into existence. And to a certain extent I agree, all things in the store are pink if it’s marketed toward women. I am a woman who doesn’t like pink – however when I was pregnant with my daughter I seemed to be attracted to pink. I had at least 4 pink shirts – unheard of at any other point in my life. I am a woman who is the handy-man in our house. I’m the one who paints rooms and touches up the drywall or puts it up. I’m not a tomboy – I am a well rounded woman who is smart and strong.

I like the parts that are nurturing and passionate. I like to wear dresses and make-up. I like rock-n’roll so I’m not a soft stereotype of woman. I’m also not the victim type of woman who needs to be rescued – sure my husband opens jars for me once in a while – but I don’t think woman alone describes me, it’s just an identifier that really only tells you what my anatomy looks like. I am a woman but I’m so much more.


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